10 Reasons For Why White Guys Like Asian Girls So Much

The reasons for why do white guys like asian womenWhy do white guys like Asian girls so much is a question many of us have asked.

According to the 2010 US census, there are 529,000 white male – Asian female married couples.

So why exactly do white guys like Asian girls so much?.

Why Do White Guys Like Asian Girls

Asian girls are more feminine

In my book “A Seductress’ Confession”, I teach women the key principals of seduction, i.e. how to boost their sex appeal instantly, and one of those key principals is to be feminine.

That means women should behave like women, dress in a feminine way and never look like dudes.

So whenever women ask me, “What do men really want to see on me?”

My answer is, “Men want to see what can’t exist on themselves.  For example, lace, pearls and butterflies can’t exist on men, so when you wear these on you, men will automatically pay attention to you.”

Asian women naturally know this principal very well: when many western fashion magazines feature “new trends” such as edgy masculine outfits for women, Asian fashion magazines show women the most feminine side of beauty.

When you travel to Shanghai, Taipei or Tokyo, you will see numerous incredibly feminine Asian women walking down the street, eating in restaurants and hanging out in nightclubs.

People say, “The best dressed women are in Asia”.

But I think it would be more accurate to say, “The most feminine women are in Asia”.

Yet looking at western women in western countries, you can easily see that many western women think being masculine means men and women are equal, which is not true.

The real equality is allowing women to be women.

Asian women are feminine women – They embrace femininity.

That’s one of the reasons for why do white guys like asian girls.

Asian women are mentally strong

Although Asian women look more feminine, their mentality is actually stronger.

I’m the most feminine woman that I know.

I am mentally very strong.  That’s why I dare to look so feminine!

Real femininity means being soft and gentle outside, but strong and tough inside.

Because I’m mentally strong and mature, I dare to treat men in a gentle and feminine way!

Once I interviewed a well-known Pickup Artist who was into Asian women, and I still remember his comments, “Asian women are more modest and shy, yet they tend to have an inner force.”

My mentor who has taught sex advice for women for decades also describes a typical Asian woman as “a warm and radiant lady with marvelous inner strength”.

That’s the art of being Asian women.

Since white guys don’t find this quality in most western women, of course they are attracted to elegant and mysterious Asian women.

Asian women value family

In this day and age, a growing number of women are competing with men in the modern-day dog-eat-dog society.

Western women think being masculine and joining the corporate world is the key to success, as success is defined in that way by mainstream society.

However, Asian women think striking a balance between family and career is the key to success.

This is confirmed by the difference between the percentage of married women in Asia and the percentage of married women in western countries.

In Asian countries, rarely can you find a woman over 40 years old that has never been married.

In contrast, in western countries, you can easily see women in their 40s and 50s who have never been married.

The Asian culture highly values family and Asian women love their culture.

That’s why Asia has the largest population in the world – they value family; they like children.

So if your girlfriend is Asian, she will be willing to start a family and look after children.

Because she wants to make her family happy, she is loyal to you as well.  It makes settling down so rewarding, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, she is also happy to go out and work, thereby supporting you in every single way.

Therefore, white guys like Asian girls because they are so supportive.

Asian women are more considerate in the bedroom

Asian women believe that it is their job to make their men happy and satisfied in the bedroom, so they will try their best to cater for your needs.

As a sexuality expert, I have met many Asian women who said, “You teach sex advice?  I think that’s very important!  I want to learn that!  Does that help me to keep my man?”

Therefore, you can tell her what you like in the bedroom, and your Asian girlfriend will look after you rather than laugh at you or blame you.

Asian women are more open-minded sexually

Like I mentioned earlier, Ms. Chen’s lover’s wife was okay with her husband’s long-term relationship with Ms. Chen – that was her choice.

I know many Asian women are very open-minded sexually.  That was only one specific example which happened more than thirty years ago.

When I was young, my mum’s friend’s husband had an affair.  But the wife was actually very happy because of that.  She said, “That means my husband is charming and high-value.”

Although not every Asian woman is like that, at least that means Asian women generally don’t have many rules when it comes to sex.

Anything is possible.

It’s very liberating, isn’t it?

When I was reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”, I was asking myself, “Why is this book so popular in western countries?”

In fact, the story in “Fifty Shades of Grey” happens every day in Asian countries, so the story is just commonplace – many Asian women are happy to be submissive in the bedroom; a dominant lover drives an Asian woman wild!

Who doesn’t want to make his woman sexually happy?!

Asian women are pretty

Cardiff University recently conducted a study on facial attractiveness, which indicates that Asian women (especially East Asian women) score highest of all.

This is partly because Asian women have better skin, partly because Asian women know how to look after their aesthetic beauty.

Asian women understand that they can boost their perceived beauty easily because their objective beauty is already there.

Asian women are fashion-conscious women who know how to dress well.  They are elegant and classy.

I remember when Sarah Jessica Parker visited Taiwan and was interviewed by a well-known TV personality who sincerely asked her,

“What’s your best advice for Asian women in terms of fashion?” (Because that’s what Asian women really want to learn all the time.)

Sarah Jessica Parker replied, “I have no advice for Asian women, because Asian women dress so much better than western women.”

Asian women look younger.

It is true that Asian women maintain their youth for a much longer time, compared with women in other ethnic groups.

It’s the Asian DNA makeup which has more collagen naturally.

Two years ago, I was hosting a wedding in Australia.  The bride was a stunning and radiant Asian woman.

She couldn’t speak English; her husband couldn’t speak Chinese.

But their love story was phenomenal because her Australian husband tried every way you can imagine to communicate with her (he truly adores her).

Later on, I realized that this Asian woman was a grandma, because she showed me her grandchildren’s photos.

She was 49 years old.  But she looked like a 34-year-old lady.

Only a few years ago, when I entered the casino, the security guy at the entrance asked me, “How old are you?” as he wanted to make sure that I was above 18 years of age.

Being with a youthful woman makes white guys youthful too, so white guys like Asian girls.

 Asian women are even tempered.

If you leave the toilet seat up, your Asian woman is not going to scream or make a scene.

Asian women don’t think something like this is a life or death situation.

Not complaining about small things shows Asian women’s real standards.

Indeed, Asian women focus on the big picture rather than small things.

Many Asian countries believe in Buddhism which values peace and harmony.

As a matter of fact, modern psychology has confirmed that Buddhism is incredibly helpful when it comes to improving mental health.

Maybe you have heard of a very popular psychological treatment “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” (ACT) which is, essentially, Buddhism in western context.

Asian women believe that being peaceful is the key to a happy life.

White guys find this very comfortable and attractive.

 Asian women are down-to-earth.

When western women think it’s very important to display women’s power, Asian women don’t think so.

Asian women value facts more than emotions.  Let me explain:

When difficult situations arise, Asian women tend to look at facts rather than how they feel.

I have an Asian friend who is married to a western man who asked her to sign a pre-nup.

Everyone around her told her, “If he wants to sign a pre-nup, that already means he doesn’t want to look after you.”

This Asian woman says, “There is a difference between asking me to sign the pre-nup and whether the pre-nup was actually signed or not.”

Her husband is a multi-millionaire who was divorced with a complicated history (he runs a business with his ex-wife who gave birth to their children), so it’s understandable that he would suggest that they sign a pre-nup.

But in the end, the pre-nup wasn’t signed, because at that time, very few lawyers in Australia could do pre-nups.

My Asian friend doesn’t hate her husband for that suggestion.  Instead, she enjoys her lifestyle with her millionaire husband who didn’t actually sign the pre-nup with her.

She is relaxed.  She is down-to-earth.

That’s admirable.

Even when they had a conflict after getting married, she never mentions, “You even asked me to sign a pre-nup!” – She never talks about that.

Her rationale: “If I mention the pre-nup once, it only reminds him of that once.  So I’m not going to talk about it.”

What a wise, composed and rational woman!

So, of course, western men like Asian women who look after the big picture rather than small details that only stress people out.

(By Jade Seashell, international seduction strategist and creativity adviser.  She is the author of “A Seductress’ Confession”.)


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