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In our WhiteWomenBlackMen.com review we conduct a thorough investigation of WhiteWomenBlackMen.com. You are fortunate if you have stumbled upon a good interracial dating site that will not take you on a ride for your money. It might be unbelievable but there are actually good dating sites that deliver on their promises and have a good selection of eligible women and men from which you can make a choice and try your luck. In fact, we have put together a list of the Best Interracial Dating Sites here.

Unfortunately the entire internet is not filled with websites that are as genuine and authentic as the ones that are on our list. You will therefore have to be very careful that you do not end up visiting some sketchy and shady website that will entrap you and loosen your purse strings for no good reason.

The good news is that we have stepped in to fill the void and address some of the issues that might confuse you and prevent you from identifying the good dating sites from the bad ones. Our review of WhiteWomenBlackMen will help separate the wheat from the chaff, leading to a glorious new era in which innocent online daters will not have to wonder if the site they are using to meet new people is ripping them off or not.

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Is WhiteWomenBlackMen.com Site Legit?

The following is a review of whitewomenblackmen.com, and in it we give our reasons as to why we think this site is crooked, sketchy and too shady for your own good. Use it at your own peril but make sure to check out our Best Interracial Dating Site list before you do!

The WhiteWomenBlackMen design leaves nothing to hope for

One of the cardinal rules of building a dating site is that the design of the site should be one of the best on the internet, if not the best. This is due to the fact that great website design will usually attract the most beautiful women on the site. Having a rich selection of the best women available for online dating means that all the men will be falling in line to become members of your new, super cool online dating site.

This will subsequently translate into all the beautiful women getting the attention that they wanted in the first place; therefore more recruitment of more beautiful women will occur. All this will lead into a virtuous cycle of gain and benefit that your website will continue to enjoy until the day that you decide to mess it up or a competitor comes up with a better offering and catches you sleeping on the job.

The first thing that you will notice with WhiteWomenBlackMen is that the design looks like something that was created long before the internet boom kicked off. This is largely not surprising since the bottom part of the home page of WhiteWomenBlackMen states that the website has been fully operational since 1999, which is the period just before the dot com crash of the new millennium.

This makes you wonder whether the developers of the website have ever brushed up on their design skills ever since that time. To put 1999 into perspective, Facebook had not even been invented yet. Most websites had the same rudimentary and fairly basic look that WhiteWomenBlackMen still spots.

Maybe at that time WhiteWomenBlackMen had been booming, but as we explained above, rivals and competitors came up with better looking offerings. Then WhiteWomenBlackMen simply failed to adapt and move with the times.

As such, instead of having the extremely valuable virtuous cycle that we have described above, WhiteWomenBlackMen simply ended up with the negative and highly toxic feedback loop. Poor website design chases the beautiful women away from the site, leaving almost nothing that would interest a normal, healthy man looking for an interracial relationship on WhiteWomenBlackMen. This means that the number of men on the site would also decrease as they went to other better looking sites in search of the women of their dreams.

This would lead to a decrease in traffic and a decrease in revenue for WhiteWomenBlackMen. As such, there would be no money to improve and advance the site, and so on and so forth. Eventually, the owners of whitewomenblackmen.com would have to close shop.

It is instructive to note that these people are well on their way to closing shop and moving on to better pastures. All this comes from their inability to change and improve their web design capabilities in good time. A website that looks like whitewomenblackmen.com will certainly look and feel very sketchy and shady to anyone using an online dating site for the first time.

WhiteWomenBlackMen looks more like a general website on relationships

You will also find out that as you continue browsing the online dating site that it feels more of a general purpose website than a site dedicated to finding credible dates online. We found that the homepage of whitewomenblackmen.com sported article links to movies and series that featured interracial couples or interracial romance stories.

Their forums also had more posts on general knowledge regarding love between white women and black men than on the core subject of the site which is supposed to be online dating.

Whitewomenblackmen.com also had interesting links to adult content and adult entertainment which immediately made us think that we had stumbled on an online porn site masquerading as a dating site. While all these new features may just be an innocent diversification of content in order to appeal to as many people as possible, this may not be the case.

It could be that the site for white women and black men is not at all interested in setting people up with dates with the women of their dreams. It could be that this site is geared to make money out of enticing adult content to the people who will decide to become members.

Another theory that could make a lot of sense is that the site is a network of affiliate links, which would explain why they have a full part of the home page of the website dedicated to posting links to movies and series featuring interracial couples. Either way, this entire operation smacks of sketchiness of the highest degree.

While there are possibly many reasons as to why the site would decide to incorporate adult entertainment and content as part of its core offering, the simplest reason that comes to us is that it is all a giant ploy to make money from its members without conceding the fact that it is merely a purveyor of adult content. This is what makes whitewomenblackmen.com sketchy.

WhiteWomenBlackMen doesn’t let you see much

It is also interesting to note that on the site whitewomenblackmen.com, it is the paid members who will have most of the fun. While there are numerous paid sites on the internet that try to maintain a sense of equity on their sites between paid and free membership plans, this cannot be said to apply to WhiteWomenBlackMen.

This is due to the fact that a free membership plan does not give you much in terms of benefits. It only allows you to view the articles and view ads on the site. You might be able to do a little chatting with some of the members on the site, but that would be just about it.

The real meaty part of WhiteWomenBlackMen that entails responding to personal ads, viewing adult ads and adult content remains the preserve of those among us who are willing to put down some money each and every month in order to access this content.

The fact that it will not benefit you much to be a free member of WhiteWomenBlackMen means that the site is primarily designed for those who will be willing to slash their monthly budgets to create some money for the membership plan.

Most online dating sites have a grace period where they allow you to sample the offerings of the website without charging you any money. As soon as you are satisfied with how things are carried out on the website that you have signed up with, you can then start paying the membership dues.

In this type of situation, you will be satisfied that the money you will be forking out each and every month will be used to your benefit. In other words, you are assured of getting value for the money that you will spend. However, with whitewomenblackmen.com, this is not guaranteed. You could very well end up losing most of your money after signing up for a paid membership account only to find out that the site does not have what you were looking for.

Some might argue that the free membership plan is some sort of trial or grace period so that you can decide whether giving out your credit information is a wise decision. However, the fact that the free membership plan can hardly do anything on the site, this is more of fiction than reality.

All this serves to make whitewomenblackmen.com look like a shady website which should not be frequented by those who do not want their purse strings loosened unexpectedly and without any good reason backing up the loosening of said strings.

Fetishes do not make for a legitimate website

It is also important to note that whitewomenblackmen.com is not shy about discussing fetishes on its home page. This little piece of information will rightly make some people venturing into online dating indignant and reluctant to continue browsing the site. This is due to the fact that the mention of the word ‘fetish’ often conjures up images of people feverishly going through images and clips on the internet that could not be anything other than pornographic material.

Boldly displaying the fact that your site is comfortable with topics such as fetishes on your landing page does not do much to convey the fact that you are a mainstream, genuine and authentic online dating site that should be frequented by the majority of the people engaging in the activity on the internet.

In fact, all it manages to do is to classify your site as one of the fringe sites on the internet that should only be visited in the dark hours of the night when everyone has gone to sleep and the person surfing is all alone in the safety and privacy of their bedroom. This is not the way to capture the hearts and minds of the main segment of the population that is heavily into online dating.

In the end, a site such as whitewomenblackmen.com will only seem to be sketchy and shady as long as it continues to blatantly display such shocking topics as fetishes on its home page.

It is difficult to view the members on WhiteWomenBlackMen

It is also amusing to note that it is almost impossible for you to see the members on the site without paying for a paid membership plan on whitewomenblackmen.com. clicking on the tab ‘members’ on the website will only lead you to another page that will be full of heavily worded content warning all people under the age of 18 from frequenting the site.

There will also be a notice alerting you to the fact that only people who have paid for a membership plan will be able to access the adult members on the site. If that does not sound like an invitation to a porn site, we do not what would constitute one.

As such, the fact that it is so difficult to view profiles of the members on the site is reason enough to make us strongly believe that there is more than meets the eye on this site. This means that the level of shadiness and sketchiness on whitewomenblackmen.com is way above the normal. This means that you would be best served ignoring this site and moving on to better online dating sites that will give you value for money spent.


WhiteWomenBlackMen.com is another interracial dating site that you should avoid. We were not able to find any of the positive characteristics required to be added to our Best Interracial Dating Site list.

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