MixedSpark.com Review – Is Mixed Spark A Good Dating Site?

MixedSpark.com Review - headerIn this MixedSpark.com review we will look into the interracial dating site Mixed Spark. At Heart Unbound we are constantly getting questions about the new interracial dating sites that pop up. As a result, we regularly review requested sites and compile the best sites into our Best Interracial Dating Sites list. Today we will be reviewing MixedSpark.com using our established criteria.

The interracial dating online can be a jungle full of murky waters for the uninitiated. However, there are numerous advantages to being able to communicate and flirt with people from all over the world at the click of a button. It is even more amazing to consider the fact that all this could be going on in the safety and comfort of your own home. 

There are a LOT of interracial dating sites on the web that are extremely shady if not outright scams. In our reviews, such as this one for MixedSpark.com, we dig deep to discover if a site is a top site you should look into or a site that is probably a scam.

There is also another class of dating sites that are not totally scams but are still not in the league of the best interracial dating sites on the internet. These dating websites belong to the middle class of interracial dating sites simply because of a few missteps here and there that can be worked out and improved on to great effect.

MixedSpark.com Review

Is Mixed Spark A Good Dating Site?

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Mixed Spark is yet another InterracialMatch.com front site

As we will detail below, we believe that Mixed Spark is one of those legitimate but not great sites. While we don’t believe MixedSpark.com is an outright scam, there are several MUCH better interracial dating sites on the web. We highly suggest you take a look at our Best Interracial Dating Sites Review to find out more.

MixedSpark.com Review Problem #1 – Automatic Redirection

When you first log onto MixedSpark.com it will immediately send you to another dating site when you attempt to register a membership account. This other site is InternationalMatch.com, which is basically a network of connected dating sites. Not a great start Mixed Spark!

While there is nothing wrong with Mixed Spark redirecting potential members to a new site where they can register for membership, it is important to note that this is not the most above board method of operation. You are not going to see any other top interracial dating sites put up a bunch of different website shells and then send you to their main site. The fact that Mixed Spark does this is troubling.

If MixedSpark.com was truly a top site they would only need to advertise under their own name. Sites that resort to these type of bait and switch tactics are usually desperate for members. If Mixed Spark falls into that category we are in trouble with this MixedSpark.com review.

Mixed Spark Review Problem #2 – Not a lot of real members

Mixed Spark does not have any members that belong to the site alone. All members are part and parcel of InterracialMatch.com. This means that technically speaking, the Mixed Spark website does not have any members of its own. This is a shocking revelation to learn that can only grow worse as the site becomes bigger and starts to expand. 

One of the things that an interracial dating site such as MixedSpark.com cannot afford is to trick users into signing up for the site. Interracial dating site are built on trust and continued attraction of new users to the site. If Mixed Spark doesn’t have any actual members and is just pooling members from a bunch of other smaller sites that is a big problem!

This might be forgiven if the site Mixed Spark sends you too has a lot of real members. Unfortunately it doesn’t. Aggregating all the smaller sites like MixedSpark.com into one site still doesn’t create something greater than the sum of its parts.

MixedSpark.com Review Problem #3 – Mixed Spark doesn’t keep up with design

The first thing that you will quickly notice after loading the home page of MixedSpark.com is the fact that the web design of the landing page is outdated. It looks as if the developer of Mixed Spark forgot to properly code the website so that the mobile version of the website does not appear as the desktop version of MixedSpark.com and vice versa. Unfortunately, this is what appears to have happened, even if this may not necessarily be the case.

At first glance, MixedSpark.com looks like it is cramped and fighting for space in a tiny portion of the screen. Mixed Spark leaves large swathes of online real estate on the screen to be occupied by what amounts to nothing. While this may be a deep rooted strategy to help the website load faster in as many countries as is humanly possible, this strategy does a lot of harm to the aesthetic appeal of the Mixed Spark website.

It is important to note that the look and feel of a social website like the Mixed Spark dating site is a very important aspect that will determine the website’s popularity. The better the aesthetic appeal of MixedSpark.com, the more people will be willing to sign up and create a membership account on the dating site. In fact, a cleverly designed website will be able to capture people who had no intention of creating a membership account on any dating site.

However, after stumbling on your site and seeing how good it is, these people would all be compelled to join in on the action. This is the class fear of missing out (FOMO) working. This is what MixedSpark.com should aim to capitalize on. For as long as it does not improve its website design, the Mixed Spark site will be limited to competing with middle league dating sites, while the top dogs will be in a class of their own.

Mixed Spark Review Problem #4 – The “free” Gold membership is impossible

One of the good things that Mixed Spark has managed to do is to come up with a program that allows members on the dating site to qualify for a free gold membership (highest tier of paid membership). This will allow for the most loyal free dating site members to be included in the list of power users, if only for a month before going back. This helps give all the free members who qualify for the paid subscription a legitimate trial period on MixedSpark.com to test out the membership plan and see if they will get value for money spent.

The sad thing with the program for free gold membership on MixedSpark.com is the fact that there are tons of suggestions that will have to be accomplished before one can be given the free gold membership. Some of these suggestions are really difficult and hard to achieve for any single online member. With these restrictions Mixed Spark has effectively  locked many of the people under the free account since they have no chance of getting to enjoy the enhanced features of MixedSpark.com.

This is a big problem for  Mixed Spark because it ensures that some members will leave and flood other platforms in search for better terms. If users go to MixedSpark.com expecting a free membership they want actual features that free members can use without feeling like they are getting a raw deal. When members start flying out of the main site it will become harder and harder for mixedspark.com to have any kind of membership. 

Instead of looking down on free sign up, interracial dating sites like MixedSpark.com should be eager to get people onto their site. Mixed Spark should be creating a site that people want to pay for instead of making users jump through a million hoops.

MixedSpark.com Review Positive – The site appears legitimate if unused

While there are certainly a lot of big problems with MixedSpark.com it isn’t a total scam. The few members that are actually on Mixed Spark appear to be real. We didn’t see any evidence of widespread fake profiles, fake pictures, or fake messages during our review.

That isn’t to say that the membership of MixedSpark.com is good. It isn’t. There are not many people at all on the site compared to other interracial dating sites but they are not trying to fake anything.

MixedSpark.com Review Verdict

There are many reasons that would lead you to believe that MixedSpark.com has some way to go before it can confidently be listed as one of the top notch dating sites in our Top Interracial Dating Sites Review. It is our belief that these reasons are not enough to label the site as being fraudulent but Mixed Spark is still a site you should avoid. 

The biggest pain point that MixedSpark.com will have to resolve is the design and structure of the site. This is the move that will result in the biggest turnaround. MixedSpark needs to come up with a unique style and branding theme that will set it apart from the rest of the interracial dating sites out there

Once they fix the actual MixedSpark.com site itself they can begin to attract real interracial dating customers. As it is now, the site just isn’t competitive with the best sites out there and should be avoided.

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