MixedSingle.com Review – Is MixedSingle A Scam?

MixedSingle.com review - Is MixedSingle a scam? - HeaderIn our MixedSingle.com review we will take a close look at MixedSingle to determine it’s worth. Using the criteria we have established for our Best Interracial Dating Sites list we will examine many parts of MixedSingle. There are a lot of sketchy interracial dating sites out there and we want to ensure that you are using the best ones.

Looking for the one perfect woman who will make you happier than you are at the moment is an uphill task. It is no wonder then that so many people find it hard to locate the person who they believe will complete their lives and make life on earth more interesting and more enjoyable.

The entire process has been described as looking for a needle in a very big haystack. It has also been compared to selecting the right bottle in a bucket full of seven billion identical bottles.

The good news is that the internet has stood up and offered to help those who are bent in not giving up until they find the woman of their dreams. The number of dating sites on the internet has mushroomed over the past few years, offering everyone a chance of finding the right partner.

It does not matter if this partner is of a mixed race or not. The only problem is that finding the right dating site can be a bit of a problem. This is why we have taken the liberty to review one of the sites that you are likely to come across: mixedsingle.com.

MixedSingle.com Review

Is MixedSingle A Scam?

The following are the reasons that make us believe that mixedsingle.com is too sketchy and shady for anyone to be interested in signing up for a membership account:

MixedSingle.com is too basic to make us believe that the site is authentic

We have stated this time and time again: the true test of the authenticity of a website lies in its image and the first impression that it makes on new online visitors. Unfortunately for the mixed single site mixedsingle.com, its homepage looks like it was designed by a website programmer who was half asleep when coding.

The home page looks like something anyone with an internet connection and a greedy mind could come up with. This is due to the fact that they would be playing on the fears and hopes of human beings who only want to meet the partners of their dreams before it is too late.

It is also important to note that websites that have a rudimentary look and feel to them usually turn out to be scams. This is due to the fact that scammers do not want to spend a lot of money in convincing innocent users of the internet of their intentions. They instead want to make the most money out of unsuspecting people without having to put a lot of money into building a convincing and believable charade.

This is where genuine and authentic sites are able to get one foot over the competition. The willingness of genuine businesses and websites to spend a lot of money on design and functionality is one of the strongest indicators that you are not dealing with unscrupulous business men and women who are only out to fleece you of your hard earned money.

This is why you should be worried when you find out that mixedsingle.com does not look as good as any half decent dating website would look like. While this is not conclusive evidence of any wrongdoing, it is enough blood in the water to start your mind humming to unravel this suddenly mysterious tale. Is the website sketchy or not? In retrospect, we have found it to be extremely shady.

However, you will have to bear with us and continue so as to see how all the breadcrumbs line up to make us sure of our conviction. When you are done with this piece, you will not think of venturing to the mixed single site again.

MixedSingle.com review - Is MixedSingle a scam? - Header 2

MixedSingle.com is simply a gateway to another site

It is also important to note that mixedsingle.com is simply a connection or gateway of some sorts to another site. This site is known as interracialmatch.com. while this is not of itself a bad sign, when you combine it together with the fact that the website already has a rudimentary and appalling home page, you will begin to see how the cookie is starting to crumble.

The fact that mixedsingle.com is only a gateway to another site means that it is only a husk that will not give you what you are looking for. People sign up for dating sites with the hope of finding that one person who will vindicate all the hours that they will spend going through hundreds of other people who are more desperate than they are.

This process can be very long and very taxing. It can even change the psychological well being of those who are brave enough to venture into online dating.

Therefore, it would not make sense for anyone to put more hurdles in their path to happiness by signing up for a gateway site like mixedsingle.com. This would simply be further reducing the probability of being successful. It is in light of facts like this that you can now understand why mixedsingle.com does not overtly declare that it is only a connection to the real site, which is interracialmatch.com.

We suspect that if they announced that they were only acting as a gateway to another site, they would probably not get as many sign ups as they are getting at the moment ( we have no way of reliably getting an accurate number of sign ups).

This is a sign of sketchiness and being shady that is characteristic of scam websites that have been crafted by developers who are only out to suck as much money as they can get from innocent users of the internet.

Many scam websites behave in such a manner, creating gateway sites that lure people in with their simple, nice and innocent look and feel. This happens just before that innocent and naïve online visitor is subsequently ‘eaten alive’ financially. It pays to shun sites like mixedsingle.com, which in the end will only bring you misery instead of the happiness that you have been searching for so long. Only genuine sites will give you the chance of discovering that solitary needle in the biggest haystack in the world.

Mixedsingle.com does not have any clear sign of having any active users

It is also shocking to note that mixedsingle.com does not boast of having any users at all. We had to spend a few minutes confirming this, since this did not seem to be right. For a site that proclaims to have been launched in 2001, this is certainly strange and totally unexpected. However, it is also reasonable to expect this if you are of the opinion that the mixed single website is sketchy, shady and downright scandalous.

While you might think that we have made a mistake in stating this, mixedsingle.com does not have any users because the minute you sign up for a membership account, you are immediately redirected to a different site, which is interracialmatch.com. These are two different sites, and since the site being reviewed here is mixedsingle.com, that is what we will stick with.

It is only after signing up for a free membership account that you will be directed to a different site that will have profile pictures of prospective women with whom you can try to strike up a conversation. It is also important to note that the only picture of note on the mixesingles.com website is what would probably be a stock photograph that has been snatched from a stock photography site.

A stock photograph is a general purpose photograph that has been taken while using the services of models. These models have agreed to have their photographs used in whatever way the photographer wishes. This means that the photographer could sell these images to a stock photos website.

The stock photography website would then sell them or give them away for free to people who have signed up for accounts on the site. Some of these people would likely be website developers. These people would then use them to stuff websites such as mixedsingle.com for their own nefarious purposes. This is a big example of having a sketchy site.

What we are trying to make you understand is that just seeing a simple photograph of a mixed couple looking happy together could have been an image that was taken with no idea at all that it would end up in a site for mixed single people like mixedsingle.com. It is therefore prudent and wise to have a keen eye for detail and to be very observant.

You have to pay to do anything constructive on MixedSingle.com

One feature that strikes us as completely shady and sketchy is the fact that for you to do anything worthwhile on the dating site mixedsingle.com you will have to be a paid member. A one month subscription will cost you about forty dollars, while a six month subscription will cost you around one hundred and twenty dollars. This is a lot of money, and we would all be loath to lose it to some scheme that has been designed to take advantage of our yearning for finding love on this cold planet.

It is instructive to note that the only things that you can do with a free membership plan on the site mixedsingle.com is sending winks to other registered members, or sending birthday cards and other greeting cards. A free wink simply refers to the process of choosing a preselected one liner that will then be sent to the person you have admired.

If the person likes you, they will also choose from the narrow selection of free winks and send it back to you. If you think that the situation could develop further into something more worthwhile, you would have to upgrade to the paid membership to see your efforts succeed.

While all of this makes perfect sense for most genuine dating sites, it does not for mixedsingle.com. This is due to the fact that the mixed single website is only a gateway to another website. It is also fact that mixedsingle.com does not have its own independent user base, thus putting in doubt what you would be paying for. You would be better served going to the source instead of paying a middle man who would only put his cut on top of the real price of the service. You would not want to end up paying more for the same service if you could get it for much less on another site.

It is also important to note that the website does not give you a test run to find out how the site really is before paying any money. This means that you will have no chance to confirm whether you will get any value for money spent. While mixedsingle.com proudly claims to have an excellent customer care service team in place, do not be fooled into thinking that you would get your money back without a lot of trouble and inconveniences in between (if you do get it back in the first place).

There is an option for people who do not want to spend money to be gold members (paying members). However, the list of requirements for fulfilling this specification are simply too taxing and inconveniencing for those who are only on the site to find that special woman who will light up their whole lives. It is therefore not going to make any free member of the mixedsingle.com website all excited about working for their gold membership status.

As such, with no guarantee of getting value for money, you should already be quaking in your boots and developing serious reservations about using the mixedsingle.com site at all for any of your online dating adventures. You would definitely be served better if you went to other genuine and authentic sites that will give you a test run before asking you to pay for better and more enhanced features on the site. These are the sites that make it possible for you to have a meaningful conversation but only allow you to get the contact details of the person you are interested in after you have paid for membership.


In conclusion, mixedsingle.com is too sketchy for us, and you should feel the same way about it as well.MixedSingle will not be added to our Best Interracial Dating Sites and you would be best to avoid them completely.

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