MixedRelationship.com Review – Is This Site A Scam?

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The first thing we learned in our MixedRelationships.com review is not too surprising. It turns out that MixedRelationships.com is really just another front for InterracialMatch.com. As we have learned before, InterracialMatch.com is not a site you will find on our Top Interracial Dating Sites.

Love is said to be one of the most elusive yet most sought after object in the universe. It therefore should not come as a surprise to find that the internet has broadened the pool of prospects for those who are looking for the right person to live out the rest of their lives with.

While the proliferation of internet dating sites and devices such as smartphones has made it easy for people to connect with each other easier than ever before, there a number of issues that online dating has brought to the fore, chief among which is the fact that it is very easy to get caught up in an online dating scam.

MixedRelationship.com Review

Is This Site A Scam?

Many people have lost their hard earned money to fraudsters while hot in the pursuit of love online. There is no worse feeling than being made to feel like a fool while losing money that you have worked hard for.

This is especially important to people going through tough economic times and are only looking for solace and emotional support from another human being. It would be cruel to dupe such people in this manner, which is exactly what many websites have been doing.

It is in an effort to curb this vice that there are numerous reviews of online dating sites. These reviews can come in handy when you do not have enough money to buy membership into all the dating sites that are available.

The following is a review of mixedrelationship.com, and it is our hope that by the end of this article, you will be sufficiently informed to make the right decision, which will be in the best interest of your heart and wallet.

What you see at first glance on MixedRelationship.com

MIxedRelationship.com review - nameMixedrelationship.com is a simple site that does not pretend to be reaching for greatness. The color is a simple maroon with a huge picture of an interracial couple embracing on the home page.

The first impression that a person gets on loading the website is that this looks to be a home experiment of a kid who is good with computers and coding and decided to run a social experiment online.

This is not the kind of feeling that you should be looking for in a professional online dating site that will help you meet the one human being who can fulfill your life in ways that you did not think were possible.

There is a quick dialogue box that enables you to search for the type of person you are looking for. The website will also automatically load your location in one of the search boxes on the home page, something that makes us feel weird a little bit, for it leaves us asking if there is any other information that the website has automatically gathered from our browsers without us knowing about it.

Mixedrelationship.com has a box below the image of the couple embracing that is full of user profile snapshots that can give you a feel of the site. It does not help matters to immediately notice that there are a huge number of males on the site as compared to the number of females.

While this is not a trend that is exclusive only to mixedrelationship.com, it is one of the most significant warning signs that your online dating experience in such a site will not bode well for you.

The free signup con on MixedRelationship.com

Mixedrelationship.com also employs the oldest trick in the book in an effort to fleece you of money that you shed cold drops of sweat for. There are very few good dating sites that will offer you everything on a silver platter.

Good dating sites will be upfront and very honest about the charges that will be levied to your account in order for you to do certain things like view profiles or send messages to members on the dating site. This is not something that you will get from mixedrelationship.com.

You will not be able to even view more than the simple snapshot of the eight users displayed on the home page before signing up for an account.

This will immediately alert you for it means that your email address is going to be swamped with useless emails from the time that you create the mixedrelationship.com ‘free’ account (something that we were able to prove later on). It turns out that after signing up for a free account, there is very little that you can do with your free account, other than clicking on a few user accounts and viewing their sparsely filled profiles.

The process of signing up for a free account is also highly automated, leaving little room for a person to display their uniqueness and distinguish themselves from the rest of the field. This means that there is little chance for you to narrow down potential prospects according to your own tastes and preferences.

This is a huge red flag that is waving in front of your face, as it means that the website has been optimized for fake dating profiles that are usually created by some dating software behind the scenes. It would make life hard and very tricky for a computer software program to keep on creating innovative and unique catch phrases that will single certain people out (as is what happens in life and in real online dating sites).

As such, you get the feeling from the very beginning that mixedrelationship.com has been set up to milk money from people by setting them up with fake profiles.

The good news is that mixedrelationship.com is not the first online dating site to try something of this nature. There are very many websites which have tried to con people out of their money in this way, and the fact that these attempts have always been thwarted by the general public means that there will be people who will immediately catch on to the very public heist going on and expose this wrongdoing.

However, there are always people who are hoodwinked and end up forking out their cold, hard cash for an illusion that does not exist. You should therefore be on your guard and very skeptical from the very beginning.

You can’t say a simple hello on MixedRelationship.com

Another glaring sign that all is not right with mixedrelationship.com is the fact that the only thing you can do with a free account is to send a free smiley to the person that you see might turn out to be a good prospect for your dating ambitions.

People who have had dating experience outside the confines of the internet know that it takes much more than a simple smiley face in a text message to convey to the object of your affections that you are interested in them. When you couple this with the fact that there is a huge disproportion of males to females on the site, it means that you will have to pay for a paid account in order to even elicit a simple greeting from any of the older women on the site.

This means that you might end up paying for an account only to talk with automated software bots that are programmed to issue automatic responses.

More information on the MixedRelationship.com site

Mixedrelationship.com has the misfortune of looking like a site primarily built for teenagers who are only beginning to discover that people of the opposite sex are actually fun to be around with. The simplicity of the site is further highlighted when, after creating a free account, you are directed to a completely new site (namely interracialmatch.com) with the ‘promise’ that the two sites are run and managed by one unit.

While this might actually prove to be the case, this underhand move raises more questions than can be answered. Why should this ‘little’ detail be hidden away from new users and visitors until they actually register? Doesn’t this mean that they are being lured in by the promise offered by one site and instead getting a totally different deal?

Shouldn’t this be grounds enough to call the two sites an elaborately crafted scheme to get people to create accounts in a website that they would normally shun and shy away from? These are issues that should pique your interest and immediately put you on your guard, as things may not be what they seem to be like at mixedrelationship.com.

MixedRelationship.com has fake profiles

As if we had not gotten enough signs to convince us of how big a scam mixedrelationship.com, we decided to go ahead with the process and actually sign up for a paid account. Luckily enough for us, we had a new credit with a limited amount of money allowed that would not make us cry if some unscrupulous person managed to hack into it and use it for nefarious purposes.

The same cannot be said for other people who probably do not have the luxury of buying one credit card so as to use it solely for reviewing dating sites. As such, this is a step that should only be taken in the imagination, or experienced through the eyes of people who are capable of taking the risk without running into financial hardships down the road due to impersonation.

We got a membership plan for the next thirty days, which was the cheapest option they had on offer, a whooping forty dollars down the drain (we mourned that money for days afterwards). The default option is membership account plan for six months, which will set you back about one hundred and twenty dollars so that you can talk to nonexistent potential older women.

While the site says that you will save sixty percent by choosing this option (apparently it is the most recommended, and for good reason obviously), sixty percent of nothing is still nothing. As such, you end up losing more money than any nonexistent value that you are duped into believing that you are getting.

What followed afterwards were weird and awkward conversations with what were obviously automated bots that were ready to reply with prescribed responses. This was evident after getting the same reply (word for word) for two completely different questions (where are you from? What do you do for a living?).

It also did not help matters at all to discover that most profiles did not have many pictures, only one or two at most. These pictures looked as if they had been professionally shot in a studio for a photo shoot. While this is not unheard of among some serious people venturing into online dating, a more reasonable explanation would be that these were stock photos scrapped from the internet.

These photos were likely to be photographs of models that have been released onto stock photography websites like flickr, where you can get any image you want as long as it has the creative license attribute attached to it. Whether this use on this platform is legal or not is a question for another day (possibly in a courtroom).

The obviously fake photos, coupled with the unintelligible replies we got from one out of the many profiles we emailed (in a bid to utilize our forty dollars) only strengthened our convictions that mixedrelationship.com is a fake dating site that is only out for blood, which in this case is your money.

It is therefore beyond doubt that there is almost zero chance for you to get a successful date on mixedrelationship.com. This is mainly due to the fact that the site is full of fake accounts, and also due to the fact that mixedrelationship.com is merely a gateway to another site. It is also important to note that the rudimentary site, together with the fake accounts and the congestion by men all contribute to the whole thing smelling strongly of a dating scam.

In conclusion, mixedrelationship.com is a site that you should only frequent if you are quite keen on losing a lot of money each and every month. If you actually want to try a quality site check out our Best Interracial Dating Sites Review. We have found the best legitimate sites that are actually worth your time.


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