MixedLoving.com Review: Is Mixed Loving Legitimate?

Mixed Loving review - headerIn or long effort to find the best interracial dating site we present our Mixed Loving review to save you the trouble of investigating MixedLoving.com yourself. As always, we use the criteria set forth in our Best Interracial Dating Sites Review to determine how MixedLoving.com stacks up.

Taking the plunge into the online dating field is an adventurous undertaking that will undoubtedly lead to forming new experiences and memories. The internet has made things easy for you, as you can now communicate and strike up friendships with people from all over the world.

The good news about this is that you will not even have to move from the safety and comfort of your own home to learn more about Mixed Loving. The only problem that arises with online dating is that you have to be sure of the website that you frequent. There are many fake websites filled with unscrupulous men and women who will not think twice before making off with your hard earned money.

MixedLoving.com Review

Is Mixed Loving Legitimate?

Mixed Loving review - subheaderIt is in light of these facts we have reviewed the dating site mixedloving.com, so as to provide you with an in depth analysis of the site. This will give you the information that you need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

After having gone through the Mixed Loving evidence, it is our view that the mixed loving website is a dating scam and should probably be avoided. The following are the reasons that have led us to believe this about Mixed Loving:

Mixed Loving has an outdated website design

Web design is one of the key pillars of any website, let alone an online dating website that lives or dies by membership levels. When a dating site has a good website design, you can rest assured that it will get all the online visitors that it needs to boost traffic and revenue streams.

More online visitors translate into more signings and subscriptions, which will lead to a positive, virtuous growth cycle that everyone on the dating site ecosystem will love. It is sad and unfortunate that the mixed loving website has not gotten wind of this fact.

Mixed Loving’s design is not something to write home about. The font size of the text is not appealing, and the images on the landing page look like they have been affixed using glue. The first impression that you get after loading the home page is that this is a dating site made my extremely sketchy people. That impression will stick with you for as long as you are browsing through the mixed loving website.

Mixed Loving will send you to another site immediately after registration

If you are capable of looking past the terrible web design and decide to sign up for a membership plan on the mixed loving website, then you will be in for the surprise of a lifetime. Mixedloving.com follows in the footsteps of its predecessors and like minded shady websites by immediately redirecting you to another website.

This other website is known as interracialmatch.com. This is the site in which the actual online dating is going to take place.

Once you find this out, many thoughts will immediately course through your mind. The first one is that if the interracial match website is where the real action will be taking place, then that is the website that should have been promoted in the first place.

There is no point in leveraging and raising the profile of mixedloving.com if you are only going to end up on the interracial match website. The wise thing to do is to spend all those marketing dollars on raising the profile of the most important website.

This could only happen if there was something shady or sketchy with the interracial match website. As such, it would require the owners and developers of the website to advertise and promote another site that would not look fishy to new online visitors.

Once these visitors have been hoodwinked by the new website, they are instantly redirected to the main website, where their ability and capacity to object or run away will have severely diminished by this stage. This is the strategy that the owners of mixedloving.com have employed to boost membership for the main site: the interracial match website.

Therefore, it would be in your best interests to give the mixed loving website a wide berth, so as to not run afoul of any scam that has been created to make the most out of the dollars in your financial pockets that will eventually come out so as to finance your online dating experience. The good news is that there are many other online dating sites that will offer you good, quality service and give you value for money spent.

These sites will not use dummy websites to lure you to their home pages. Their success and prowess in the online dating scene will be more than enough to lure you into their hands. The same cannot be said for sketchy websites like mixedloving.com.

Blank sections on Mixed Loving that are supposed to be full of helpful content

It is also surprising and shocking to find out that the mixed loving website is not as complete as what you would expect from a professional online dating website that actually expects people to browse through the site and make life changing decisions. For instance, the help section and the frequently asked questions (FAQ page) section of the mixed loving website is as blank as a new piece of paper.

This would be a funny story to tell at a cocktail party if it were not a serious matter. Having blank sections on a website means that the owners of Mixed Loving are not dedicated to maintaining an air of professionalism as they ought to be.

It also means that when people get stuck with using a particular feature of the mixed loving site, they will not have anyone to turn to. The vital information that they would have obtained from the frequently asked questions page will not be there to help them.

It is important to note that with some of these sections  on Mixed Loving  blank or not being able to load at all, it means that all the information that you would have gotten regarding membership accounts is not going to be there to help you as well.

As such, you will not know for sure whether your subscription to Mixed Loving is for free or if it will require money to keep it up and running. This is extremely shady and sketchy and should feature heavily in your mind every single time that you load the mixed loving website.

Mixed Loving advertises free membership, but the devil is in the details

It is worth noting that mixedloving.com plainly broadcasts to the rest of the world that it is offering free membership to those who would be interested in trying out online dating on the mixed loving website. However, when we keenly looked into the whole situation, we found out that you would have to put down some money in order to get some traction with any potential match discovered on the site.

This is due to the fact that on mixedloving.com, you are given the capability to post free ads that are basically just snippets of your profile with your information on it. However, when it comes to the real communication with the actual people on the site, a credit card and an authorization to spend funds will be among your list of necessary things to do before you can take any potential match out on a date when you get that far.

This is another sign of the mixed loving website being extremely shady and too sketchy for people who are not accustomed to losing money online. For those who do, this would immediately scream out to them as being a shakedown for money. You should not let people who do not give you value for money spent take some of it away from you. If you are not careful, they will come for the rest in your sleep.

Mixed Loving advertises other dating sites

It is also important to note that mixedloving.com shows its sketchiness by deciding to advertise other dating sites on its home page instead of focusing on other core issues and features of the mixed loving website. This makes you think that the mixed loving website is there for other reasons other than making sure that your dream of meeting the best partner suited to your tastes and preferences comes true.

Mixedloving.com is guilty of advertising other sites, as the main site that is being put on the spotlight here is interracialmatch.com. This is something that you will immediately grasp for yourself the minute that you spend a little amount of time on the site, browsing the features that area available.

The mixed loving website has an affiliate program that has been proudly displayed on its home page. However, instead of mixedloving.com being the center of attraction, it is the interracial match website that is taking up all the glory. This should be more than enough to convince you that the mixed loving site is not what you think it to be. In fact, it is a sketchy and shady website that should be avoided by everyone for their own good.

Mixed Loving doesn’t have many profiles

One major crime of omission that has been made by mixedloving.com is that of having no known profiles to speak of at all. This is mainly due to the fact that all the profiles of all the people that you want to meet have been registered with the interracial match website.

This is proven by the fact that immediately after signing up for a membership account the member is redirected to the interracial match website, instead of being directed to another section on mixedloving.com where real profiles of real women actually exist.

This is a big red flag that should make you apply the brakes when using mixedloving.com or its parent website, the interracial match website. Once you see signs like these being displayed from one website, you should be prepared to run for the hills at a moments’ notice.

Mixed Loving uses fake pictures to promote the website

Another clue that should help you know that the mixed loving website is not genuine is the use of fake pictures. This basically means that the pictures you will see on the landing page of mixedloving.com are not pictures of a real life interracial couple. They are just images of models that have been used to lure in unsuspecting online visitors.

These fake photographs are actually known as stock photographs. These are images of models that are distributed throughout the World Wide Web in the various stock photography websites that already exist. These photos can then be used in any type of website to color the site and make it look lively, warm and inviting.

As such, these photos are not an accurate depiction of what online dating is but are just general pictures that could be used in any situation or place on the internet. You would therefore be right in saying that mixedloving.com is guilty of using false pretenses to entice people to sign up to use the site.

This is due to the fact that there are innocent and naïve people who would be hoodwinked by the lovely images posted on the home page and decide to make life changing decisions based on faulty and erroneous information.

A real and genuine online dating website would use actual pictures of real life couples who have met on the site before to promote its services. This would be a powerful, authentic message that would resonate with a large majority of the people who have signed up for online dating site services so as to meet someone who will fulfill their dreams and desires. Any site that does not show it like it is on the ground is probably being very shady and very sketchy.

After examining the evidence, it is clear that mixedloving.com is not what it tries to pass off as. There are many signs and reasons that you can use to label the mixed loving website as extremely shady and sketchy. You would be better served looking elsewhere for a good and safe online dating experience.


Mixed Loving is another very sketchy site that you should avoid. You will be much better off by taking a look at our list of the best interracial dating sites. With our highly reviewed sites you know you will have your best chance of meeting attractive people from all different races.


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