The 10 Biggest Mistakes Men Who Date Asian Women Make

Avoid mistakes when you date asian womenIn general, Asian women are considered to be clean, feminine and attractive, so more and more men are interested in dating Asian women.  However, there are some major mistakes men who date Asian women make.

Therefore, I’m going to point out your blind spots and explain why these are mistakes to help you avoid them both in person and online (check out our rankings of the best sites to meet an asian woman).

Mistakes Men Make When They Date Asian Women

Avoid these mistakes if you want to find success:

  1. Tell her that you only like Asian women

Maybe you are only interested to date Asian women, but please keep that to yourself.  Your Asian girlfriend doesn’t want to know it, because that’s creepy.

Never say, “All of my ex-girlfriends are Asian” or “I met my ex-wife in Taiwan, and from then on I realized that I only like Asian women.”  She will run away as quickly as possible if she hears something like that.

This is what she has actually heard – “I like you not because of who you are, but because of your race!”  How creepy is that?!

Probably you have 1000 Asian women’s photos on your computer, but please don’t show her these photos.  She doesn’t want to see those.

She doesn’t want to know that you are obsessed by Asian women!  It’s just such a turn-off.

She wants to know you like her because of her personality, character traits and looks.  She wants to feel different and unique.

        2. Impress her by saying good things about her country

You like Asian women, so you are also into Asian culture.  But please don’t always say things like “I like China.  The Chinese government is good, as there is no election.  Your country can have a long-term plan and stick to it …”.

If you say this in order to impress her or make her like you (because you think if you say good things about her country, she will like you more), then you are wrong.

You don’t even know her political stance yet.

Another scenario:

YOU: “I hate the IELTS test.  It’s just so boring and bad.  It’s incredibly hard and students have to sit the IELTS test!”

HER: “Do you know that the IELTS test was originally invented by the Chinese?”

YOU: “….” (becoming apologetic immediately).

HER: “…..” (feeling turned off and bored, if she is an intelligent Chinese woman).

In this scenario, nine times out of ten, she doesn’t feel angry because you said you don’t like the IELTS test which was invented by the Chinese.  As a mature woman, she knows the fact that you don’t like the IELTS test itself has nothing to do with Chinese or herself!

She might become frustrated because you can’t hold a quality and intelligent conversation.

Even if something was invented by the Chinese, and you don’t like it, so what?  It’s okay!

You need to show her that you like a part of her culture, but not everything in her culture.

         3. Tell her that you know a lot of facts about Asia

Sometimes you may want to impress her by talking about your Asian obsession, e.g. discussing how many bikes there were in Shanghai in 1988.

This only makes her yawn.

She may not be interested in those boring facts about Asia, because there is nothing exciting in it.

A lot of Asian women living in western countries like western culture more than Asian culture (that’s why they have moved to western countries), so probably she is more interested in talking about western culture.

You can still mention some boring facts about Asia while talking – As long as you don’t do it on purpose and repeat those boring facts again and again, it’s fine.

        4. Assume all Asian women are poor

Yes, in your Year 4 text book, it says “Most countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America are developing countries”.  And you still remember that.

Some western men even visited countries like South Korea and China, expecting to see poverty.  Yet they were amazed by cities like Shanghai.

To be honest with you, many Asian women are incredibly hard to get, not because they play hard-to-get, but because they have experienced/seen too many finer things.  This is especially true among many Chinese women.

It can be very hard to impress a Chinese woman, because: A) she may have had much finer things in life; B) she is ambitious and expect her partner to be a more ambitious person.

This doesn’t apply to all Chinese/Asian women, but it is a new trend that you can’t ignore.

When I was younger, I worked as an interpreter, and I witnessed how Chinese businessmen were shopping: When they entered a luxury store, they were buying stuff like ordering food in a restaurant, “I’d like to have this, this and that.”

It is said that nowadays Chinese businessmen in western countries buy apartment buildings and houses like that, too.

I’m not saying all Chinese are rich, but indeed, the majority of Chinese that you see in western countries are relatively wealthy.

       5. Assume all Asian women are rich

Some men make the opposite mistake – they assume all Asian women (especially Chinese women) are rich.

Okay.  Now I’d like to share some good stuff with you: Chinese women in Australia and Canada are more wealthy than Chinese women in the United States!  If I have to provide a general ranking, here is the current fact (in 2016):

* Chinese women in Australia and Canada are the most wealthy;

* Chinese women in the United Kingdom are wealthy;

* Chinese women in the United States are probably not wealthy.

That’s because Chinese who want to go to Australia and Canada have to pay a lot of money first (e.g. studying at universities as international students without scholarship; investing in western businesses; etc.)

The United Kingdom is an expensive country, so Chinese who live in the UK can’t be too poor.

The United States has many international students who receive scholarship, which means those Chinese students don’t come from wealthy families.

Now you’ve got the gist.

        6. Don’t assume they like a western guy when you date asian women

I have heard many western guys saying “Why can’t I get Asian women?  I’m a white guy!”

Dude, you couldn’t be more wrong.  Being white doesn’t make you any better, especially in western countries.

I understand that if a white guy is walking down the street in China, girls will look at him.  But that’s actually because Chinese are curious about the rest of the world, not necessarily because they are attracted to you.

Honestly, many Asian women will eventually marry Asian men, because it’s easier to communicate with each other.  Also, their parents want them to marry Asian men and they respect their parents’ opinions, because they value family ties.

Most Asian countries abandoned “arranged marriages” only a few decades ago!

Another brutal truth is: rich Asian women are very likely to marry rich Asian men – that just makes their life so much easier.

If you want Asian women to like you, you need to have other qualities, as being western alone doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd.

       7. Assume your Asian girlfriend is just like the porn star in Japanese porn.

Japanese porn is very popular in many different countries, because Japanese are creative, innovative and bold, even when they are making porn.

A lot of the porn stars in Japanese pornography are from Taiwan and China, and they are just actresses.

Some Asian women watch porn, some don’t.  Some Asian women behave like porn stars in the bedroom; some don’t.

Getting rid of the stereotype is of vital importance.

        8. Not trying online dating.

Asian women like online dating.  Online dating has been very popular in Asia since ten years ago.

If you are not trying online dating, you are missing out on something huge.  There are a large number of quality online dating websites that offer you a wide variety of Asian women to choose (we have ranked and reviewed the best around in our annual review).  Therefore, you should really try online dating.

Online dating is beneficial when you date asian women because it saves you a lot of time and energy.

How much time have you spent trying to initiate and hold a conversation with Asian women in the street?  Of course, making an effort is helpful, but making an intelligent effort is more helpful.

Trying online dating is like making an intelligent effort: You can target Asian women who already know the purpose they are talking to you online is to develop romantic relationships with you!

Why waste your time and energy when you don’t have to?

So try online dating and have fun with it.

Also, online dating offers you a wide range of options.  Having options is very important, because in order to find quality, quantity matters.

An analogy: When you want to find the best fragrance, you don’t go to the shopping mall and grab a random one; instead, you try different fragrances and buy the right one that you really like.

It’s the same when it comes to finding the right Asian woman you are going to spend the rest of your life with: You should date as many Asian women as possible, and then choose the right Asian woman for yourself!

And online dating gives you the opportunity to quickly date a lot of Asian women.

There are also many benefits of interracial dating online: A) It’s easier to find Asian women who are interested in western men by using online dating sites – you can simply browse their profiles and choose the Asian women you’d like to speak to; B) It’s direct, thereby playing games and guessing aren’t necessary online – you will know whether she likes western men or not before you meet her in person, which is nice and easy.

       9. Not talking about whether you want children or not.

Some western men don’t want children, but they never tell their Asian girlfriends.  And that’s a huge mistake men who date Asian women make.

In fact, most Asian women want to be married and have children, so if you don’t want to get married and start a family, you should tell her early on.

Traditional Asian women won’t be with you in the long term if they know you don’t want to get married and have kids.  But that’s okay.  You can still look for Asian women who are not traditional.

There are more open-minded Asian women from Taiwan, Japan and Singapore – they have no interest in getting married or having children.

Again, you need to meet as many Asian women as possible, so that you can choose the open-minded Asian woman who shares the same values with you.

        10. Not getting along well with her family.

Asian women value family bonds and they respect their parents.  Many of them want to live with their parents and look after their parents.

In most western countries, senior citizens go to nursing homes when they are very old, but in Asian countries, senior citizens live at home with their children.

If you are not prepared to get along with her family, she may decide you are not the right guy for her, because her parents are very important to her.

Therefore, if you really can’t get along with her family, you should have a candid discussion with her and assess her values.  Maybe she doesn’t mind that.  But you wouldn’t know whether it’s an issue or not unless you talk about it with her to find it out.

The bottom line is: You must make sure your Asian girlfriend and you share the same or similar values, because your value systems will determine whether your relationship with her will work or not in the long run.

Now you have a good understanding of what the common mistakes are when it comes to dating Asian women, why they are mistakes and how you can avoid making them in the future.  I’d like to give you a bonus tip:

Working on yourself, becoming a better man, doing more personal development – all of these will increase your real value, thereby making your more attractive, charming and sexy in Asian women’s eyes, because a lot of Asian women have high standards for themselves (they are always learning and improving too).

(Jade Seashell is an Australian author and seduction strategist.  She regularly writes at


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