Review – Is Love Crosses Borders Legit?

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This week we will dig deep into Love Crosses Borders in our review. As we have done over and over we will attempt to discover if Love Crosses Borders is a solid interracial dating site or another scam site out to take your money. As always, if turns out to be legitimate we will add it to our Top Interracial Dating Sites list.

At Heart Unbound we are huge fans of online dating. There is no easier and more efficient way to meet a lot of people very quickly than online dating. You do need to be careful with the sites you use however.

There are many websites that are filled with unscrupulous people who are only bent on fleecing you out of your hard earned money. The good news is that we continue to review each interracial dating site we come across to make sure that you do not fall into any kind of trap when using it. Review

Is Love Crosses Borders Legit?

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Ads this big are not a good sign!

Here is our Love Crosses Borders review and the main reasons that have led us to believe that is  a site you should avoid:

Love Crosses Borders Problem #1 – There are not many members

When you are search the Love Crosses Borders site you will not find many women. Even looking across the whole world we came up with less than 10,000 women across the entire world! Having an entire female user base of under 10,000 puts near the very bottom of most legitimate interracial dating sites.

You also need to realize that this is 10,000 women who have registered on Love Crosses Borders. This doesn’t say anything at all about if these women actually use the site! Most interracial dating sites have a very small number of active users. That means that it is highly likely that there may only be a few hundred or thousand actual women using

If there are not many people actually using Love Crosses Borders why bother with it?

Love Crosses Borders Problem #2 – Advertising other dating sites

One of the biggest warning signs you find on interracial dating sites is the advertising of other sites. When you first log into you will see a huge advertisement at the top for another dating site. Does that sound like a site that believes in itself?

If Love Crosses Borders was really interested in providing value as a dating site it wouldn’t be trying to send you elsewhere. Any time you see an add at the top of a page you can assume that the owner of that page wants you to go to that site. Why would Love Crosses Borders want you to go to another dating site?

This type of flagrant advertising leads us to believe that is only interested in making money off of advertising. The best interracial dating sites are not in the business of being advertisers first. This doesn’t look good for Love Crosses Borders.

Love Crosses Borders Problem #3 – Not much oversight

One of the things that we were quick to catch on to was the fact that it is very easy to game the system at While there are fourteen steps before you become a free member, this does not mean that any person determined to introduce their own dating scam ring on the website cannot do so. For instance, when it comes to uploading your profile picture, there will be no warning stating that the photo you upload will be verified by a member of the administrator site.

This is something that happens routinely in many authentic dating sites all over the internet. The goal is to make sure that every member that signs up is going to put a legitimate photo as their profile picture. This will prevent people from lying about their identity and posting other people’s images as their own.

It is also important to note that most authentic sites also employ facial recognition software that will ensure that no one will be able to impersonate other people who have not signed onto the dating site. In the absence of such sophisticated software programs like facial recognition programs, there are a raft of measures that can make to ensure that there is no impersonation on their website.

The way the situation stands at the moment, it is quite easy for any person or website to include fake members into Love Crosses Borders. 

Love Crosses Borders Problem #4 – Old website design

One of the most crucial signs that will quickly tell you whether a dating website is shady or authentic is the website design. This is due to the fact that the most authentic websites usually pour a lot of money into making sure that their design is as top notch as the rest of the best websites on the internet.

The aesthetic value and appeal of a dating site is usually what will determine whether it will have a huge membership following or not. Sites that are authentic know this and are determined to get as many members as they possibly can. It is only when your dating site has a constant influx of new members that people will be attracted to your site and that your revenue stream will increase exponentially.

However, this is not what you will find with the Love Crosses Borders dating site. Instead, you will spot a simple website with very small font sized text at the bottom. You are expected to read and internalize the words at the bottom of the landing page, never mind the fact that you will probably need glasses to read the words on

This just goes to show you the level of thinking that has been directed towards building and crafting Love Crosses Borders. Dating sites that are out to con people and scam them will not usually put a lot of thinking or money into building their image. They will only do the much that is required to hoodwink a substantial portion of the internet’s online dating community.

By ignoring their website design in such a spectacular manner, falls into this group. This makes it an extremely sketchy online dating site at best.

Love Crosses Borders Review Verdict

In conclusion, we came up with a number of reasons and signs that clearly showed us that there was something very fishy going on at As a result, you will not be seeing Love Crosses Borders on our Top Interracial Dating Sites list.

The web design was naturally the first reason that made us conclude that the love crosses borders site was not the best around. If the website is legitimate and genuine, then there will be a lot of work that needs to be done in order to give the impression that is a real site and not bent on scamming people out of their hard earned money.

Ultimately though it is the lack of actual members and advertising of other sites that really brings Love Crosses Borders down. These are both huge strikes against that prevent us from recommending that you spend any time with this interracial dating site.

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