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Do they really think we believe they have 34 million likes???

In our continued exploration of interracial dating sites we have our review. We will be taking a deep look at Interracial Romance to see if it is worthy of being included in our Top Interracial Dating Sites list. We are highly selective and will leave no stone unturned while examining

Better penetration of the internet over the past few years has certainly helped online dating come a long way. With a large number of people on the internet, the chances of meeting someone of interest is much higher today than what it was a few years ago. We shall see if Interracial Romance has kept up with the crowd.

Already, the competition in this marketplace is high, with a large number of online dating websites, connecting individuals from different parts of society with one another. Such online dating websites come in many forms, ranging from generic websites connecting all types of people, right up to some very specific websites. In fact, with so many websites around, it is quite easy to find even a very specific website, catering to a niche audience set. Review

Is Interracial Romance Real?

Of many such websites which cater to interracial dating, is one which often finds mention across many blogs and also sees a lot of traffic. There are a large number of users registered on the website and it seems to have been around for quite some time now.

While an experienced reviewer might doubt interracial romance on taking a good look, to the untrained and normal user, interracial romance seems to be an excellent dating service, allowing a large number of people the chance to easily and effectively find love online.

A look at – why it appears to be sketchy

Only 300 users online!

Only 300 users online!

We take a number of steps to determine whether a website is genuine or if it is fraudulent. For an expert team, with years of experience in identifying fraudulent websites, it is not too difficult to guess whether or not a website is fraudulent.

However, we think that it is important to lay out clear and definitive reasons as to why a website could be a fake. By laying out comprehensive and detailed information, users will have a better idea as to how we arrive to our conclusions.

Interracial romance certainly is an interesting online dating service. The website speaks volumes on even a short visit. After spending some time on and off the website doing some research, here’s what we found, when we took a closer look at

When checking to see if a website is fraudulent, the first and foremost step is to check the WHOIS of the site. The standard WHOIS lookup for revealed the site to have been created back in 2003.

Interracial romance also seems to have a high number of visitors and there is no indication of any red flag as such. On the contrary, considering WHOIS data, one might actually be led into thinking that the website is completely genuine, having been around for so long.

While Google searches can be helpful in determining fraudulent and scam websites, is not flagged as a scam website in the search results. Furthermore, interracial romance has been referenced by some other blogs causing no suspicion to a user as to if it is a scam.

Even when we Googled the name of the website along with search queries such as scam, fraud and fake, there were no conclusive search results that came up. So far, so good – no user would at this point suspect the website of being a fake.

Also, on searching on and on some other trusted scam review sites, does not seem to be marked as a threat. However, it must be remembered that these review sites have patterns that are followed, which can be cheated by intelligent scammers.

Any scam is likely to have a well thought out scheme behind it, allowing it to pass some standard online tests.

As such, there is still no conclusive evidence regarding this online dating site. While all of these indicators that we have taken a look so far look to be fine, there is still no definitive say in whether this online dating website, interracial romance, is truly genuine, or if it is actually a fraudulent scheme which is used to generate money.

In order to unveil the complete truth, we decided to take a much closer look at this online dating service and visited The website has been well laid out, but we soon began spotting a number of problems.

When we took a look at the terms and conditions of the online dating service of interracial romance, many doubts were raised in our minds. In fact, after a little more research, we were rather uncomfortable with what this service has to offer to users.

Warning signs with the Interracial Romance dating service:

Shady billing practices review - trialWhile features a short trial period of 3 days with registration money being refunded, there have been complaints of users being charged for the same later on, after having received the refund money. Users who decide to continue after the trial period will have to pay two bills, essentially meaning that the trial period is completely paid for.

This means that once registered, a user will definitely pay some amount to interracial romance, no matter how long it is used for. A definite red flag, this trial scheme offered by seems to be highly suspicious, especially given that money is refunded first and then billed for again at a later stage.

During the trial period, users are allowed to chat with live help support, so as to help them get used to using the online dating service experience offered by While this is extremely helpful, once the trial period ends, a user cannot contact the support team live. Registered users will need to send an email to the company in order to reach out to them.

Very poor customer support

Interracial romance also does not have a direct contact number. For a website which boasts of so many users and claims to be genuine, this certainly is highly suspicious. Most online services today offer live chat support to paid users and it simply does not make sense why a paid user should send an email and hope to receive a reply, which may or may not arrive. These factors again serve as indicators of interracial romance being a fraudulent website.

Fake profiles

Interracial romance has a large number of profiles listed. Sadly, it only takes a little time to realize that most of the profiles listed are not real. While there may be a few genuine profiles listed, these poor people are most probably victims of this scam, who are still hoping to find some love on this online dating site.

The large number of fake profiles is another big red flag to suspect that is a scam. While interracial romance claims to be highly popular with a large number of users, in most likelihood, this company has paid people or created bots to set up fake profiles. This is not an uncommon practice. Many scammers and fraudulent websites all over make use of fake user profiles in order to mislead people.

Lots of deactivated profiles also has a large number of deactivated profiles. On a closer look, it seems that interracial romance has very vague reasons for deactivation and more often than not, registered users find their accounts blocked by this service for no reason whatsoever. Here are some of the reasons why interracial romance may ban a user’s profile:

A profile may be deactivated, claiming that the user provided false information upon registration A user account may be banned claiming that the user abused the account by indulging in scams, spamming or by sending rude messages A user account may be deactivated, claiming that the user is not above 18 years of age.

Furthermore, when user accounts are deactivated, interracial romance simply states to the account holder that it could have been any one of the mentioned reasons which led to deactivation of the account, without specifying what in particular. Here, it becomes highly clear that is a fake and should not be trusted.

Most of the terms and conditions of are very strict and there is no clear information or resolution process offered. There is very little that is handed out to users in the form of support. The only thing that seems to be good at is in enticing people to sign up by appealing to them and showing them a hope of finding love online.

Yet again, the lack of clarity and the little amount of support offered definitely make interracial romance a highly suspicious website.

Poorly designed communication

While the subscription charge for members is quite expensive, on registering, there are many other disadvantages that paid subscribers complain of. First, as we have already pointed out, paid members do not get access to live chat or help and the only way that they can contact is by sending out an email. Moreover, when another member contacts a paid member, there is no option to reply.

These really do not make any sense at all. Unlike normal websites, wherein a user avails many benefits on registering as a paid member, for interracial romance, becoming a paid member is instead disadvantageous. This also leads one to highly doubt the intentions of

Having considered all of this, we can say that there is enough evidence to deem interracial romance online dating website to be a scam. However, we still decided to Google up and see if there are any actual user complaints against on other forums. We came across quite a few.

One such user, aged 45, had her account deactivated for no apparent reason. She had to struggle to talk to the team at interracial romance and repeatedly had bills being sent to her. While her experience had been pleasant on starting off with this service, over time she found interracial romance to be a scam.

As pointed out on her personal user review on, she is convinced that is a scam, taking advantage of people looking for love online and milking a good amount of money off them.


Interracial romance, in our opinion, is a website that is highly suspicious and will not be appearing on our Top Interracial Dating Sites list. Not even close.

While at a first glance, just about everything seems to be attractive and appealing, there are many reasons to doubt this service. is quite expensive and there are no clear policies or customer support procedures in place.

While new users may find nothing wrong when starting off with interracial romance, problems manifest over time, with users getting billed more than once and also users getting banned and accounts being deactivated without any apparent reasons. Despite accounts being deactivated on a frequent basis, there are still an extremely large number of profiles featured on, which obviously means that most of them are completely fake profiles.

As such, we recommend all of our readers to be highly wary of While interracial romance has been cited to be useful across some blogs, there is no authenticity to this information. Given that there is no clear detail on the terms and conditions of using this online dating service and that there are no policies in place for customer support and retention, it is not too difficult to guess that interracial romance seeks to make quick money off poor and unsuspecting people. There are other places where you can seek online dating and find love, but certainly is not one to be trusted.

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