Review – Is InterracialPassions A Scam? review - Is InterracialPassions a scam - headerIn this review we will determine if InterracialPassions is a quality sit worth your time or another fake to avoid. The online dating arena can be like a minefield if you do not know how and where to tread. Fortunately our team has conducted dozens of reviews of interracial dating sites to compile our Best Interracial Dating Sites List to help you out.

The technological advancements that the human race has experienced over the course of the last twenty years has done a lot for people who want to venture out of their comfort zones and find life partners. The same applies to people who only want to meet other people for casual flings and have a little bit of fun before heading their separate ways. The internet has made it possible, and you can now meet a whole range of people all from the safety and comfort of your own home.

There is a drawback to accessing online dating sites though. You can never be too sure of the authenticity of the site that you are using, especially if you are a first time user of such platforms. It will take a little bit of experience and information before you can make the determination that a certain site had better be avoided. The good news is that you will not have to go through all this trouble on your own. We have graciously taken up the task to guide you through this murky forest. Review

Is InterracialPassions A Scam? review - Is InterracialPassions a scam - adsWe have gone through a site known as, and have concluded that this site is as sketchy as sketchy can be. The following are the reasons why we think that you would be better served using another online dating site other than

InterracialPassions web design is bad

One of the biggest tricks that you can be sure will help you in identifying the good sites from the bad ones is the web design interface that you will encounter when you are on the website’s landing page. The reason that this trick always works is due to the fact that only genuine and authentic sites will put a lot of time and effort into crafting their image so that online visitors can be awed and pleased with how the website looks like.

This will be advantageous because it will lead to a virtuous, positive cycle developing within the site. This cycle is described as follows: good looking women (basically all women in general) will be attracted to the aesthetics of the site and will be more likely to hang around browsing the different sections of the site. They will then probably end up signing up for the various membership plans on the site.

This will lead to an influx of men as they chase viable women for dates and so on. All this will lead to a healthy bump in traffic to the website, and the number of members regularly using the site will increase, improving the profit margins of the dating site. This cycle will go on and on until the owners of the site will be laughing and shedding tears of joy as they walk to the banks of their choice.

It is unfortunate that has not taken this into account and has instead come up with a site that looks like a hastily assembled piece of internet junk. The design is bad and clearly seems to be a relic of the times when Google and Facebook and the other big sites had not been conceived (or were in their infancy). Theirs is a web design interface that does not inspire confidence and will make you think that the site is shady or dubious.

This is due to the fact that shady and sketchy sites that want to scam people and fleece them of their hard earned money do not have the time, expertise or money to create good looking websites that will lead to the development of a positive, virtuous cycle of joy. These are people who are only interested in hoodwinking as many people as they possibly can before they can run away with the cash that they will have collected, and before other people can understand what is going on.

While the site for interracial passions might be innocent, the fact that they have generally poor web design that has not been updated for years is working against them. This has managed to put in bad company, making all of us believe that it is a dubious, shady and sketchy website. After all, if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and even walks like a duck, then it is definitely a duck. Isn’t it?

The InterracialPassions free membership plan is a gimmick

You should have listened to your mother when she told you a long time ago that there is nothing for free on the surface of this planet. While the interracial passions site claims to offer free membership in every section of the site, closer inspection will reveal that this is merely a ploy to get you to sign on to the larger, enhanced platform that will require you to cough up a significant amount of money to use.

The site for interracial passions,, is but a small part of a much wider and bigger network of interconnected dating sites. This network is known as the Passions Network, and consists of over two hundred and fifty sites that are all offering free membership within the confines of a single site.

However, if you want access to all the sites at once, you will have to part with what is termed as a ‘small fee’ so that you meet all the people in all of those sites at once without having to log in and out of different sites many times. This actually makes a lot of sense and will seem very logical to those people who have already created a membership profile on one site and have already whetted their appetites.

This is how the Passions Network makes their money off unsuspecting people by making them want more connectivity with different people on different platforms. Once you have created a free account on one site, you will be constantly bombarded with the opportunity to have access to all of the two hundred and fifty plus sites at the same time.

To make matters worse (or better, depending on which side you are coming from), your experience on each individual site will be lukewarm. You will feel that things are not so bad at, but that things could be so much better if you had access to all the different sites at once.

As soon as you have started thinking like this, the game will be effectively won for the passions network. It might not happen today or tomorrow, but sooner or later you will want to get the full experience, especially after you have experienced significant frustrations using

You will find yourself spending money to get access to other different sites that are just the same as There will not be any difference between using the entire two hundred and fifty plus sites and using one site if all of them are the same. However, your mind will convince you otherwise.

As such, it is very clear to us that the site for interracial passions, is a scam hiding in a very clever sheepskin that will not come off if you are not diligent enough. This should be enough shadiness for you to think twice about using the site.

InterracialPassions does not prioritize customers

You will be surprised to learn that the site for interracial passions,, is more interested in making money than in making your online dating experience happen. You might wonder how this is possible if the site is clearly stating that creating a membership account is free of charge.

Well, the short answer to this question that subscriptions are only one avenue of making money when you have an online website with many people visiting it each and every day.

However, there are other methods of making money. Some of these include selling books, DVD movies and other merchandise related to the topic around which your website has been created. It is very evident that the site for interracial passions,, has been created with this purpose in mind.

You will quickly spot images of books on interracial dating pasted all over the site, with snippets declaring them the best advice that you could ever get on interracial dating. When you click on one of these images, you will be immediately led to an Amazon bookstore page, prompting you to buy the book immediately and see it on your kindle or delivered to you in twenty four hours.

You can be sure that not every online visitor will click on the book images, and not every online visitor who clicks on the book images will feel compelled to buy the book once the Amazon web page pops up. However, a significant number will probably buy the books that have been advertised.

This means that the site for interracial passions,, will earn hefty commissions as a result of directing online visitors to the page on Amazon. While this will not be announced loudly to you, the site will definitely benefit by having you poking around their website, clicking on all manner of links.

It is also important to note that the website for interracial passions,, has an affiliate program working where any member that you direct or encourage to sign up for the wide network access on their passion network will earn you a commission. This is big news for people hoping to make a little money on the side, especially if these people have websites and blogs that they can use to good effect in attracting people to sign up for the wide network access to the passion network.

This is, in and of itself, not bad news or even evidence of any shadiness going on. Genuine and authentic websites usually have these programs going on all the time. However, the big difference between these authentic sites and the site for interracial passions,, is the fact that is a site dedicated to online dating. I

t is not a site that is dedicated to making money for the owners and the members of the site who have an entrepreneurial streak in them. When this starts happening in such a site, you can be sure that the main activity of the site will be shelved or put aside in one way or another.

This will be even more likely to happen since interracial passions site,, is a free online dating site, which means that no one can expect to make any money from new and active subscriptions. As such, with online dating being relegated in favor of making money from affiliate programs of one nature or the other, it is very clear that is a sketchy and shady site that should be avoided at all costs.

The only time that you should not avoid it is if you want to make some money for yourself by directing other people to the wide network coverage program.

Signing up for InterracialPassions too simple

It is also important to note that the site for interracial passions, does not have a good process for creating a user account on their platform. Instead, they have a simple dialogue box that only requires a name and a legitimate email address (you will have to verify it later on).

There is also the option of logging in with your Facebook account credentials. Afterwards, you will have the option of completing your profile, although even this process is simple enough that crucial details are going to be missed.

Having a very simple profile means that there will be no way of differentiating you from the next person looking for a date, other than your appearance of course. This opens up the system for manipulation by software bots, something that you would not want to experience at all. As such, is a shady site that you would do well to steer away from.


It become obvious very quickly that is not a site that you want to use. To find an interracial dating site that is actually worth your time check out our Best Interracial Dating site list found here.

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