Top 10 Interracial Dating Mistakes

Avoid these interracial dating mistakes!

Interracial dating mistakes are easy to make when you are caught up in the fun and excitement of meeting someone new. You get to learn about new cultures and experience new things while dating someone you find incredibly attractive. In order to make your dates go as smoothly as possible, it is important to avoid these mistakes

This list walks you through the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Interracial dating mistakes are easy to avoid once you know what to look out for. You should be aware of these mistakes to ensure you success both out in the world or dating online (preferably with one of the sites from our Top Rated Interracial Dating Sites Review).

The Most Common Interracial Dating Mistakes You Can Avoid

Below is our list of the ten most common interracial dating mistakes that we see over and over again with our readers. Some of these you will be aware of (and have made). Other mistakes you may be completely oblivious to and should correct as soon as possible!

10. Not Being Sensitive To Different Cultures

Sensitivity is always a good trait to have.  You can easily offend someone when you are not sensitive. For example, if you make a joke about someone’s background, the person may not take it lightly and end up thinking that you believe in stereotypes. In general, offending someone on a date is a bad idea anyway.

Here are some ways to be more sensitive to different cultures and avoid mistakes:

  • If you are unsure about a cultural tradition, ask rather than assume
  • Avoid stereotypes
  • Do not make racial jokes
  • Learn about the person’s family and heritage

9. Not Uploading A Picture

A picture says a thousand words. Your picture is the first impression people will have of you online. One obvious reason is because you want to show your race. People who look online for interracial dating are usually interested in people of a certain race. Mistakes like not uploading a picture can cost you the date. People want to see who they will meet up with before the actual date.

8. Not Logging In Frequently

Every day you do not log into your online dating account, be it eHarmony or another site, is a day that beautiful potential dates are passing you by. If you do not log in frequently, you may miss messages from people who were interested in a date but moved on because you did not respond.

People are getting matched up online while you are offline doing other things.  The more mistakes you make, the more people will pass you up for dates. It does not take long to log in, check your messages, and view a couple of profiles. Try logging in once a day to improve your chances of landing a date and being in an interracial relationship.

7. Using Stereotypes

Stereotypes are the worst thing in interracial relationship.  Stereotypes make people feel generalized and trivialized. We are all unique and no one conforms to all the assumed characteristics of his/her race. So ditch those assumptions you had about black people, or Asian people, or Hispanics.

Get to know the people for who they are. You may have presumptions that you did not even know where stereotypes. Try looking online to see what the common stereotypes are for the race of the person you are dating. Remember the stereotypes and avoid them.

6. Not Sending The First Message

One of the big mistakes you can make is being afraid to go after what you want. Do not be afraid to send the first message to someone whose profile looks interesting. Whether you are male or female, there are no rules on who should message who first. 

We sometimes think that we are so attractive or so interesting that people will automatically come to us. But that just is not always the case. If you are interested in someone, do not be afraid to let the person know.

5. Asking Questions About Past Relationships

Past relationships are past relationships for a reason. Past relationships do not give you a good idea of how the person is now. People change and become wiser as they get older. Also, people’s preferences change. You may find that the person you are dating has never dated outside of his/her race before. That does not make the person any less interested in you.

One of the benefits of interracial dating is that you get to have novel experiences. Do not ruin it by asking about the past. Treat your partner as if they are the only person on your mind.

4. Not Trying New Things

Another one of the interracial dating mistakes is not trying new things. The more we expand our mind to new experiences and ideas, the better we will be at determining our preferences. You know the phrase “you never know until you try”? It is true. How can you know that you dislike something if you have not tried it?

This applies in a number of ways:

  • If you are open to dating people of different races and not just one, you will go on more dates overall
  • If you are willing to go places you have never been, your date will find you adventurous and exciting
  • If you have an appetite for a variety of foods, your date will be more comfortable cooking for you

The more willing you are to try new things, the better your dating life will be.

3. Caring Too Much About What Other People Think

You are bound to meet people who disapprove of interracial dating. One big mistake you can make is caring about what those people think. When you date someone, you are sharing private intimacy with that person. Whom you choose to love is no one else’s business. If you receive stares while you hold your partners hand in public, be proud and keep walking. If anyone makes a snide remark about the interracial relationship, be the bigger person and do not retaliate. Simply say that you love your partner and that is all that matters.

This is a sensitive topic when it comes to interracial dating because we tend to want to please everyone. That being said, if you care too much about what other people think of your relationship, you will end up making some of the other mistakes like keeping the relationship a secret. The best thing to do is be confident in your relationship. 

2. Keeping The Relationship A Secret

As adults, we should be pursuing serious relationships.  When you are serious about a relationship, you will profess your love. This is not the worst  mistake but it is definitely something you should avoid out of respect for your partner.

A lot of these mistakes apply to all relationships in general. This one is especially one of those interracial dating mistakes that applies to all relationship. It just so happens that in interracial relationships, this action is even more detrimental because of the sensitivity of race.

1. Not Dating Online

Of course, the biggest interracial mistakes you can make is not dating online. There are so many benefits to online dating that it does not make sense to not try it. We are such big proponents of interracial dating online that we reviewed all of the interracial dating sites worth exploring and put together a great review of the best websites for interracial dating.

If you are worried about the cost, think of how expensive it is to buy drinks and pay admission fees at the bars and clubs you go to in order to meet dates. If you are worried about your coworkers finding your profile, simply use a nickname as your username and only share your real name with women you chat with. There is no reason to not be dating online in 2015.

Dating online has the following benefits:

  • Simplifies the dating process and makes meeting people more convenient
  • Good for people who are shy in person; there is less pressure when you send a message versus approaching someone in real life
  • Communication is easier; people are more likely to share their feelings and avoid mistakes
  • You meet more people online than you would in person
  • You increase your chances of being in an interracial relationship
  • You are more likely to find a compatible partner based on questionnaires, making mistakes less likely to happen
  • Online messaging lets you get to know people on a deeper level because you are focused on the conversation rather than physical appearance
  • People are straight-to-the-point about what they want and their intentions in a relationship
  • You save money by only going on dates with people who are interested in you; no more blindly paying for drinks at the bar

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