How to Meet Asian Women and Get Their Number in 5 Steps

Learn how to meet asian women like thisIf you want to increase your odds when learning how you meet Asian women and get their phone number you need to have a plan.

In this article, I’m going to give you all that you need to know in order to meet Asian women and get their number.

Once you know a few simple details your success will go up dramatically.

Learn from an asian woman who knows (that would be me) with our tips below.

How to Meet Asian Women

Follow these steps and improve your chances:

  1. How to approach Asian women in the street:

Like I mentioned in an earlier article, there are two types of Asian women: home grown Asian women and western Asian women.

If you approach a home grown Asian woman who arrived in a western country recently, she may not be comfortable enough to talk to strangers in the street, because in most Asian countries, women are taught not to speak to strangers!

That also means home grown Asian women are less experienced when it comes to dating, relationships and sex.

Therefore, the best way to approach home grown Asian women is to meet her at a social event or gathering, e.g. a party, a seminar, etc.  Home grown Asian women feel more comfortable with you on these occasions.

So you can join parties and seminars where there are Asian women.  Or whenever you see Asian women on such occasions, make sure you approach them!

However, western Asian women are completely okay with talking to strangers in the street, especially western Asian women in Australia!  – Because Australia is a relatively safe country, people think it’s fine to speak to strangers in the street.  But of course, you can still do it in other western countries such as the United States.

      2. What to say when learning how to meet Asian women:

All women are different.  Different Asian women have different reactions when they hear the same line!  So you shouldn’t assume there is a line that works on all women.

But I still would like to list something that can work well:

“Hey, I’d like to tell you that you are very beautiful.  If I don’t tell you today, I will regret it tonight.”  – This line makes her feel that her beauty is appreciated by you.

This is very important, because Asian women highly value physical beauty.

There is an example which illustrates this point very well: the most popular TV show in Taiwan is not something like “Desperate Housewives”; women in Taiwan love watching TV shows which talk about how to look pretty (cosmetics and clothes).

These kinds of TV shows can have endless episodes for decades!  And they are now popular in all Chinese-speaking countries and regions (e.g. China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.)

So now you know why paying a compliment on an Asian woman’s physical beauty is very helpful.

I personally like direct opening lines, because whenever I hear a guy asking me “Excuse me, where is King William Street?” when I’m already walking towards King William Street which is only 20 seconds away right in front of me, it’s very off-putting – I know what he wants to do, and this is just so lame!

I remember ten years ago, a guy said, “Hey, I’d like to tell you that you are very beautiful.  If I don’t tell you today, I will regret it tonight and won’t be able to fall asleep.”  I ended up sitting in the park with him.  In the end, he said, “I should have known you five years ago.  If I knew you earlier, we would have become very close friends by now.”

I still remember that conversation and it was so beautiful.

Apparently, I also heard things like “Excuse me, where is King William Street?” (King William Street is the biggest boulevard in Adelaide, South Australia), and I replied, “It’s right here, in front of you.”

Five seconds later, the dude said, “Can we stop here and talk for a while in the corner?”

I said, “What? No.” (because he was so boring and dodgy – I could see his agenda.)

He ran away immediately.

      3. How to get an Asian woman interested:

You must own your desire.

I couldn’t emphasize this enough: You must own your desire.

All women want to parade their beauty.  Their beautiful clothes and makeup are designed to be noticed by men!

The first compliment women like to hear is something about their physical beauty.  After knowing each other a bit better, she wants to hear compliments about other qualities such as intelligence.

Therefore, paying her a genuine compliment on her physical beauty is always rewarding at the very beginning.

But don’t say specific things like “I like your hair” or “I like your legs” (save these for the future when you have known her for a few months, please!)

When you meet her for the first time, you should say something general, e.g. “You look so beautiful that I couldn’t ignore you in the crowd.”

      4. How to ask for an Asian woman’s phone number:

When figuring out how to meet Asian women you can try compliments, but in order to get their phone numbers, you need to do something extra.

Asian women are usually very well dressed, especially if they are home grown Asian women, because in Asian countries, women are supposed to boost their sex appeal and compete for men.

Yes.  Sadly, Asian women are objectified by their society.

That also means Asian women expect you to be well dressed as well.

So in order to get Asian women’s phone numbers, you need to be presentable and decent.

She wouldn’t give you her phone number unless she believes you are cool and trustworthy.

If she is not sure, she may still give you her phone number, but probably she won’t reply a text message or answer the phone call! – This is especially true when you didn’t leave a good first impression.

Therefore, it’s very important to work on your fashion first before you meet Asian women.

Yes, you need to create enough attraction to get her phone number.

Hence, that means you need to say something more after paying her a compliment.

After hearing your compliment, she immediately feels validated, because Asian women (all women) are validated by attention.

Then she will start to assess whether she is happy to give you more time.

If you look good, you will have more time to continue the conversation with her.  Remember: when there is attraction, sleaziness doesn’t exist.

So, after paying her a compliment about her general physical beauty, you can look at her reaction.  If she reacts very well, you can continue by saying:

“What’s your name?”

She might say, “Lily. What’s your name?” (if she asks your name, that is a good sign.)

“What are you doing today?” you ask.

Then she will talk about things like “I went to the gym and I’m going to have lunch”.

Remember: You should ask questions which are relevant to the gym and lunch, but not directly about the gym and lunch.  Let me explain:

Don’t ask “Which gym do you go to?”  (boring question which shows you have nothing interesting to say; she doesn’t want to be followed.)

Do ask “How hard do you work in the gym?” (this feels like you already know her.)

Don’t ask “What are you going to eat for lunch?” (boring question which shows you have nothing interesting to say; she is not ready to have lunch with you yet.)

Do ask “Why are you hungry already? It’s only 12 o’clock!” (this makes you look confident, because it shows you have an opinion.)

You can keep asking “What are you doing tomorrow?” and expand the topic further.

If she is smiling at you while talking to you, it’s another good sign.

Then you can insert something like, “Would you like to go out for a coffee with me?” (when you say this, don’t look nervous.  Be relaxed and natural.)

If she says “okay.”

You immediately take out your phone and say, “Okay. I’ll take your number.”

That’s how you get her phone number!

       5. How to make sure that she will reply text messages and will answer your phone call:

When you are talking to an Asian woman, make sure you speak slowly and calm down.

If you talk too fast, she may feel you are less confident because fast speech is often associated with nervousness.

Also, slowing down makes you more attractive, and let me explain:

Have you seen movies such as “Titanic” in which there are many romantic conversations between a man and a woman?

I know you don’t like chick flicks.  I get that.  But women do, especially Asian women.

Therefore, you need to emulate what women love to see!

Every day, Asian women are dreaming about meeting a romantic guy who talks and behaves like the cool man in the movie.

In EVERY romantic movie, the conversation between a man and a woman is always slow.  Sometimes they talk so slowly that there is some background music to fill in the gaps.

Asian women automatically associate a man’s slow speech with attractiveness, so once you have understood this, you can boost your sex appeal under the radar very quickly.

So before going out to meet Asian women, you would be well-advised to see a few romantic movies and analyse how those men talk to women in the movies.  Learn from these examples which already work.

Slow down, and introduce pauses intentionally.  Feel her energy.

It is moments like this that make her attracted to you.

In moments like this, you can read her better; you can feel what she is feeling.  So you can see what you can do to help her relax.

Besides, if you think her reaction is really good, you should introduce physical contact/touch quickly:

After exchanging phone numbers, you can say “Nice to meet you” and give her a quick kiss on the cheek (or two!)

This kiss on the cheek needs to look friendly, not sexually.  – Because at this stage, she is not ready to get intimate with you yet.

When you give her a kiss on the cheek, automatically she would give you a kiss on the cheek at the same time, because your face is very close to her lips while doing this.  This works well on western Asian women.

Home grown Asian women may not be used to receiving a kiss on the cheek because that’s not a part of their culture.  But you can do the following instead:

“Nice to meet you.  Did I say my name?” you ask her.

“John.”  She replies.

You either hold her hand and kiss her hand to show approval, or shake hands with her to show approval.

You need to show that you are in control and you are confident.  Showing your approval makes her feel that she needs to work harder to get you.

In fact, women are more sensitive to physical contact (they are “electrified” by touch), even if you only touch her hand.

      6. Bonus tips on how to meet asian women:

* If the Asian girl is in a hurry and she has to go, you can say, “I know you have to go, but are you coming back here? I’d like to go out on a date with you.”  Say it in a funny way.

* If you want to approach an Asian woman, it would be better to approach her when there are other strangers around, because she feels since it’s a public place, it’s safe.

* Asian women like social proof, because many of them have trust issues.  It would be great if you meet an Asian woman through someone you know.

* If nobody around you knows any Asian women but you still want to meet Asian women, you can go out with a wing woman.  In fact, when you are out with another women, Asian women see you as a high-value man.

This is because in an Asian woman’s head, she would ask herself, “Who is prettier, me or her?” or “Why does she have a man to go out with?  Why I don’t have a guy to go out with?”

Then you can get your wing woman to initiate a conversation with the Asian woman.  This works very well in a bar or nightclub.

Your wing woman can say, “You look amazing in this dress.  Where did you get it from?” (this compliment is better than “I like your dress”, because: A. By saying “You look amazing in this dress”, the focus is on the Asian woman, not her dress; B. There is a hook – the Asian woman will have to answer the question.)

In this way, the Asian woman’s good reaction is guaranteed.

After that, your wing woman can introduce you to the Asian woman!

(Jade Seashell is an international seduction strategist and creativity adviser.  She regularly writes at





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