10 Things You Need to Know About How to Attract Asian Women

Do you want to attract asian women In order to figure out how to attract Asian women, you need to know the rules.

There are a number of things which will help you get the results fast and we are here to show the way.

Okay, let’s get started now:

How to Attract Asian Women

Follow these rules when approaching asian women:

  1. Looks matter.

Asian women particularly like good-looking men, but it doesn’t really mean you have to look like Brad Pitt.

In an Asian woman’s opinion, a hot guy should be fashion-conscious, clean, positive, happy, intelligent and funny.

Working on your fashion isn’t too hard.  There are many resources on the Internet that teach you how to upgrade your looks.

Also, most Asian women are not tall, so if you are a white guy or a black guy, you are probably much taller than most Asian women!

By the way, Asian men are generally shorter than you (and some of them wear special shoes with artificial height inside their shoes.)

I can list a few well-known celebrities here, so that you can get the gist in terms of what types of men Asian women are into:

* George Clooney: sophisticated, mature and reliable;

* Keanu Reeves: quiet, peaceful, handsome and generous;

* David Beckham: urban, chic and alluring;

* Will Smith: charismatic, charming and irresistible.

* Chris Hemsworth: just hot.

So you have got the idea and can start to emulate some of these men’s qualities.

Remember: visual chemistry is the prerequisite of all the rest.

       2. Social proof helps when learning how to attract asian women.

Asian women believe in social proof, as evidenced by the following facts:

* Asian women love luxury brands, because other people told them expensive brands are fantastic and represent status;

* Compared with the United States, more Asian women prefer Canada when it comes to immigration, because a larger number of Asian people living in Canada told them Canada is better because of its social welfare (without understanding the high tax in Canada);

* Asian women want to go to university, because when they were young, their parents said, “our neighbor’s child went to XYZ university; our co-worker’s child went to ABC university”.

In other words, if a lot of other people are doing something, it must be great (in Asian women’s opinion).

Therefore, you can see social proof should be utilized to your advantage if you want to attract Asian women effectively.  Here is how to do it properly:

Apart from approaching Asian women in the street, you should definitely know people who have access to Asian women, so that they can introduce Asian women to you.

Let’s say you know Linda who has female Asian friends.  Her Asian friends will see you as a reliable and trustworthy person simply because Linda says she knows you very well.

So you may wonder, “How can I find someone like Linda in the first place?”

This isn’t too hard.  There are many ways to meet people who certainly have existing Asian friends:

* You can go to an Asian restaurant frequently, and make sure the boss of the restaurant knows you well (the restaurant’s owner is supposed to treat you well if you are a customer).  Then this person becomes the gateway to Asian women who eat in this restaurant frequently.  Also, this person has other Asian friends who can be introduced to you!

* You can sign up an Asian language course in your local community and make sure the Asian teacher likes you because you are an interesting and diligent student.  Then this Asian teacher will introduce you to Asian women that you can date in the future.

       3. Don’t tell an Asian woman that you are only into Asian women.

If you tell her that all of your ex-girlfriends are Asian, she will run away quickly, because that sounds creepy.

This little tip is critical when you are learning how to attract asian women.

If you tell her that you are only into Asian women and your ex-wife is also Asian, she will run away as soon as possible, because she doesn’t feel special and unique.

What an Asian woman wants to know is this: You were into western women, but she is the person who makes you change your mind!

Then that makes her feel so special, so important and so unique.

If your computer is full of Asian women’s pictures, make sure your new Asian girlfriend wouldn’t see or know that!

For instance, you can save all Asian women’s photos on a USB and put the USB in your office’s drawer.  Alternatively, you can have a Dropbox account that only you know and save all Asian women’s photos there!

Never let your Asian girlfriend see your desktop which features a hot Asian woman that is not her!

If your new Asian girlfriend asks you about your previous relationships and you only had Asian girlfriends, you shouldn’t talk too much about those.  If she insists, you can tell her, “I can’t remember what happened in the past clearly, because it was so boring.”

If your new Asian girlfriend asks you how many ex-girlfriends you have had, you can say “One”.  In this way, it saves so much hassle.

      4. Try online dating.

The most efficient way to find an Asian woman is to try online dating!

We all know why those Asian women are using dating sites, right?  They are there because they want to meet men like you!

Therefore, you should try online dating today and select the Asian woman you want to meet.

We have ranked and reviewed all the best sites for meeting asian women in our annual review.

When you post a photo on your profile, make sure the photo was taken outdoors, not indoors.  This is because statistics show that men with photos in the outdoors are more attractive from women’s psychological point of view.

It’s just like you like a woman who wears a red dress!  You know why!

Indeed, if the photo of you was taken outdoors, you look more expansive, interesting and healthy.

In contrast, if the photo of you was taken indoors, you look less trustworthy because every dodgy scheme is developed inside a room!

Asian women want to see you smile in the sunshine!

      5. Keep educating yourself when learning how to attract asian women

Asian women highly value education because the traditional Asian culture values education since thousands of years ago.

If you are only into video games, your new Asian girlfriend may be turned off.

Well, you don’t have to give up your video games, but you surely should start to consider educating yourself at the same time.

Asian women like well-educated and intelligent men.  Also, their parents approve well-educated men (like I mentioned earlier, their parents told them “XYZ’s child went to ABC university! So you must do the same!”)

Their parents’ approval is more important than you think!

If you already have a university degrees, congrats!

If you don’t have a university degree, you probably have other practical skills, so that can be seen as knowledge as well.

Keep educating yourself by reading more books and enrolling in more online courses.  Learn how to improve your fitness, your charisma and your career!

I remember many years ago, I dated a man who told me that his hobby was reading.

Indeed, I saw a book near his bed at the beginning stage of my relationship with him.

At that time, he was reading the book before he fell asleep at night, every night.

After my relationship with him became stable, I realized that that book was the only book he had actually read! – Because his real normal activity before falling asleep was to see a movie on his laptop in bed!

I personally can’t stand long movies, especially if they are meaningless and pointless.  So it was just such a huge turn-off!

Imagine lying in bed with a man and his freaking laptop made in 2005!

Each time I was about to initiate sex, he literally said, “Let me see this movie!  I want to watch a movie!”

Later on, I realized that he was intimidated by me when I initiated sex – he felt too much pressure as well as performance anxiety.

If he had said, “I want to read this book.  Let me finish this chapter!”  I might think he was cool, because as an Asian woman, I find men who are into reading very attractive!

And I would be more than happy to discuss books with him, because I am an avid reader with an inquiring mind.

At first, he told me his hobby was reading because he wanted to look intelligent (he assessed what I liked and tried to pretend to be intelligent).

I’m not saying every Asian woman loves reading (in fact, most women in most cultures don’t read books at all), but if you want to find a quality Asian woman, whether she reads books can be a very effective and efficient filter.

      6. Be ambitious.

Asian women like ambitious men.

Ambitious men look more certain, more confident and more attractive in general.

You don’t have to invent the next Facebook in order to be an ambitious man.  You just need to have a clear vision for your career.

Many Asian women are very ambitious themselves.  They work hard to achieve higher.

Asian women can’t stand lazy men who only sit on the couch and watch TV.  That’s a big turn-off.

Asian women want to hear you talking about your dreams, your goals and your plans, because they love seeing hope and empowerment.

      7. Be a gourmet.

Asian women love to eat good food.

A typical date with an Asian woman always involves eating in a restaurant.

You should have a head-start by investigating which local restaurants are amazing, so that you can take your new Asian girlfriend there!

She will like you even more if you know food very well.

Besides, if you happen to be good at cooking, make sure you cook something for her to impress your new Asian girl!

Even if you are not good at cooking, you can still learn how to cook a few dishes and make the dinner date at home unforgettable!

A bonus tip: the ambiance is just as important as the food you have prepared.

So if you’ve decided to cook dinner at home and impress your new Asian woman, you can also prepare the atmosphere by doing the following:

* Use candles without any fragrance, because you don’t want the smell of the candle to affect the aroma of the food!

* Use exquisite tableware.  It doesn’t have to be silver; it just has to be elegant, classy and interesting.  Often one pretty glass or plate can initiate a fun conversation which easily leads to a great story that you can tell in order to further impress her!

* Use relaxing music.  Most Asian women hate noisy music.  They prefer music like jazz, so some recommendations are: Norah Jones, Louis Armstrong and Alison Krauss.

The warm, beautiful, safe and relaxing atmosphere created by you will make the dinner more scrumptious.  Also, the ambiance is effortless foreplay which will lead to an orgasmic night.

Remember, women can’t feel sexually aroused when they are tense.  So make sure she is relaxed!

     8. Surprise her at times.

Not every Asian woman like surprises such as sending flowers to her office (personally, I hate surprises because I’m a Scorpio.  Once I rejected a guy because he proposed without telling me beforehand).

But what I’m trying to say is this:

You need to constantly show her something new about you.

For example, you can make her feel that you are into reading and learning first, but a few weeks later, she finds out that you are also into travelling and have been to many different countries.

The fact that you didn’t tell her those interesting facts about yourself in the first place only makes her more intrigued by you.

This is the kind of surprise that all Asian women like!

     9. Own your desire.

Asian women are attracted to men who own their desire.

Men who own their desire are more confident and know who they are as well as what they want.  Let me explain:

You are a man, of course you like women.  Of course you want to sleep with women.

Make sure you don’t hide your desire.  The more you hide your desire, the more off-putting you look in Asian women’s eyes.

This doesn’t mean you should ask if she wants to have sex with you on the first date.

But this does mean you should look like a sexual man with sexy eyes looking into her eyes.

    10. Let her know that you value family.

The Asian culture highly values family, so tell Asian women that you love your family.

It’s just that simple.

Now you know how to attract Asian women way better than most guys out there.  Congratulations!

(By Jade Seashell, international seduction strategist and creativity adviser.  She is the author of “A Seductress’ Confession”.)




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