Continental Romance Review: Is This A Top Dating Site?

continental romance review - headerToday we provide an in-depth review of to see if Continental Romance is worth being included in our Top Interracial Dating Sites List. Using the detailed criteria we have used many time before we will see if Continental Romance is worth your time.

Online dating gives you the chance to interact with people from all over the world. All this is possible through the help of the internet, which is a recent technological advancement. It means that you can interact with people from different continents without having to leave the safety and comfort of your house, especially now that smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous.

However, it is essential that you get into the right online dating site from the very beginning. This is due to the fact that signing up to the wrong dating site could mean losing a lot of your precious and hard earned money. This is not something that any man or woman wishing for success in the dating arena would want.

The good news is that we have come to your rescue by helping you identify the good dating sites from the bad. Our spot on reviews will enable you to quickly separate the wheat from the chaff and avoid all the dubious and scam dating sites that exist on the World Wide Web.

Continental Romance Review

Is Worthwhile?

continental romance review - is an online dating site that we have recently researched and reviewed. The following are some of the reasons that lead us to strongly believe that the continental romance website is sketchy:

Continental Romance has bad web design

One of the first clues that should tell you whether a site is good or bad is its site design. A good, authentic website will always strive to make sure that it is at the top of its game. This means that the owners of the website will constantly keep updating and improving on the aesthetics of the website, so as to attract more women and subsequently attract more men to the dating site.

This will lead to a positive and virtuous cycle that will work out for all parties involved. In fact, this is the ‘Holy Grail’ of all dating sites, as a constant influx of new members keeps the website popular and also keeps the money flowing. Unfortunately, this is not something that you will see with

The continental romance website looks like something an underpaid web designer would come up with simply to spite their client who refused to compensate them appropriately for their work. The font size of the continental romance website’s home page is small and requires you to be very close to your screen so that you can read every word properly.

There are no captivating images or design style elements that would whet your appetite and encourage you to stick around and browse through the site for longer. This is the first sign of looking extremely sketchy.

Continental Romance advertises as free but isn’t

It is also worth noting that states that it is one hundred percent free to all who would want to sign up for a membership account. However, this is far from what is actually going on Continental Romance itself. When we checked the terms of service and use for the continental romance website, we found that the site was not as free as it loudly and brazenly announces itself to be.

It turns out that only a few select services are free for all types of members on Continental Romance. If you want to get closer to someone whose profile you have admired, you will have to cough up some of your money for you to get ahead and progress in your courtship.

Free members on will only have the ability to express interest on other profiles. They will not have the opportunity or capability to send emails to people of interest. Unfortunately for them, this is where the main action of online dating lies. It is only through repeated interaction via messaging platforms such as email and instant messaging that a date or meet up will materialize.

It is very shady and sketchy of to loudly announce that it is a hundred per cent free and then to completely turn around and put in sneaky terms in their terms of service and use.

All this basically means that if you really want to experience the world of online dating on, you will have to put some money on the table like everyone else does on the paid online dating sites. The good thing with these other sites is that they are more likely to produce good matches for you that you can take out on dates. The same cannot be said for

In order to be completely honest and upfront with its online visitors, the continental romance website will have to remove its rather large font sized announcements claiming to be totally free for all the online visitors who will sign up to use the website. Instead, this is space that should be utilized in improving the user experience of Continental Romance, for instance by increasing the font size of the rest of the words on the site.

Instead of issuing fake proclamations that will soon be unearthed by those who believed in them (and signed up for a membership plan as a result), the owners of should focus more on improving the look and feel of the continental romance website.

Very few women are actually on Continental Romance

While seems to be your number one stop for all matters concerning online dating, this could not be further from the truth. Our researches showed that while the Continental Romance site claims to have over nine thousand members, very few of those members are online at any one time.

You would expect to find a sizable chunk of those members to be constantly checking their messages and profiles from time to time, especially if you believe that is a legitimate and authentic website.

Things get even worse when you consider the fact that out of the few members of Continental Romance who are online at any one given time, very few of those are women. In fact, there were numerous profiles we came across that listed the last time that those profiles (of older women) were online.

It was shocking to find out that time after time, most of the women were last seen years ago. Either all the women with membership in got what they were looking for, or something is seriously sketchy and shady with the continental romance website.

However, in the end, neither answer will help you in achieving your goal, which is getting to date older women from all over the continent, and indeed all over the world. The conclusion that we come to after researching and going through the continental romance website is that there are not that many women to go around on the site.

This means that you will be faced with steep competition as every man on the continental romance website will be aiming for the same group of women. When you combine this point with the fact that you have to pay for you to actually get the chance to connect with the few women on the site, any and all reasons for staying on will evaporate in a puff of smoke.

You would actually be better served using another online dating site, as you would have a better chance of meeting the woman of your dreams elsewhere than on Continental Romance is simply too sketchy for our blood.

Continental Romance has fake pictures

It is also important to note that the continental romance website is littered with profiles that have fake pictures on them. Whether these profiles are authentic or not is another issue that will be looked at later. However, if a profile is already sporting a fake picture, then it will not take a leap of faith or a huge imagination to deduce that the profile itself must be unreal and not what it seems to be.

We deduced that there were fake pictures on profiles because some of the pictures clearly showed stock photographs that must have been scrapped from stock photography websites. Some of the profile pictures on the women profiles seemed to belong to models that had probably gotten their pictures shared on the internet by paparazzi.

While there are stunning women who frequent online dating sites, this is generally more of the exception than the rule. Most of the women on online dating sites like are going to be very attractive. Others will range from a scale of attractive to average and simply plain looking. It will therefore be very suspicious if a sizable chunk of the profiles on a dating site suddenly start sporting images of women who qualify to be supermodels.

While this is clearly not definitive, it is more likely than not that the pictures being used on a sizable chunk of the female profiles on the continental romance website are not genuine, and not an accurate representation of the people behind these profiles.

Profiles on Continental Romance are likely fake

While considering the fact that the continental romance website is littered with profiles of people bearing unreal profile pictures, it is also possible that a large majority of the profiles sporting these photographs are also not as authentic as you would believe them to be.

There are many instances of websites using software bots in order to increase the number of users and visitors that they receive on a day to day basis. This is a common occurrence in many social media platforms, where businesses and celebrities artificially inflate the number of people following them or sharing their content.

It is therefore not inconceivable to imagine or think that a large number of the profiles on the continental romance website are simply inauthentic and manned by software programs. This is extremely sketchy as you would be conversing with someone on the site and thinking that progress is being made while you would actually be talking with a software program.

Continental Romance could be advertising adult material

It is also important to note that the Continental Romance site could actually be promoting adult material by not being strict on the quality of images that are going to be used as profile pictures. There are many members who have posted questionable photos depicting them in postures that could not be described by anything else other than adult material. This is something that you will instantly notice with many of the female profiles on the site, as some of the postures on the profiles will not leave you any doubt in your mind as to their intent and meaning.

By not having stringent rules that would curb this sort of behavior, it could be rightfully said that is actively promoting adult material in its domain. This is something that should trouble you and convince you of the fact that the continental romance website is not as genuine as you thought it to be.

In fact, this evidence merely acts as confirmation that the site is too shady and too sketchy to be used by people who only want to find suitable partners for dating.

Continental Romance has a fake chat setup

It is interesting and eye opening to note that although has an online chat feature, only paid members can access this function so as to talk with other members freely. The experience for free members is not as good as one would have imagined it to be. You will be constantly inundated by fake chat requests on Continental Romance (assuming that you will have waited for the twenty four hour time delay before your profile is activated).

This lends credence to the fact that the continental romance website has been infiltrated by fake software bots that will attempt to make you believe that you are actually talking with another human being. After spending some time on the site, you will quickly gain the ability to separate the genuine chat requests and messages from the fake ones.

The assumption that we are making here is that there are genuine chat requests and messages in the first place. In conclusion, we are convinced that is not a genuine dating site.


It is very clear that Continental Romance has no place on our list of the absolute best interracial dating sites. Take a look at the list we put together and don’t worry for a second that you are missing out by avoiding Continental Romance!

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