Review – Is BlackWhiteFinder Fake? review - Is BlackWhite Finder legit - HeaderIn our review of we will thoroughly investigate the legitimacy of BlackWhiteFinder. As we have seen many times while researching our Top Interracial Date Site list there are a lot of scam sites out there.

Looking for love online has never been an easy task. This is mainly due to the fact that the internet is host to all manner of people, from hopeless romantics to unscrupulous men and women who will not think twice before fleecing you of your hard earned money.

To say that this happens a lot on the online dating scene would be the understatement of the year. What all this means is that people are going to have to be very careful with the website they choose when they venture into the dating world.

Making sure that you do not involve yourself in a dating scam or scheme to con you of your money is every bit as important as ensuring that your profile is lively, fun and interesting.

It is with this in mind that we decided to review, an online dating site that does not take a lot of thought and energy to decipher its intentions. Interracial dating has become a rising fad among populations that are mixed.

While this was something that could not be said to be widely accepted two or three decades ago, it is now widely accepted and believed that the color of your skin has absolutely nothing to do with your inner character. This means that we are all equal and fair game.

That is the good news with BlackWhiteFinder. The bad news with this website is the fact that we discovered many reasons to give it a negative review. I harbor deep suspicions that might have been crafted so as to get money from unsuspecting online users and visitors who are only looking for love in all the wrong places. Review

Is BlackWhiteFinder Fake? review - is blackwhitefinder legit? - fake out

Is this just another clones?

The following are some of the reasons that should make you understand why BlackWhiteFinder deserves a negative review and won’t appear on our Top Interracial Dating Sites list.

These are some of the reasons why BlackWhiteFinder is best avoided:

BlackWhiteFinder has a rudimentary and very basic website

It is fairly easy to whip up a website from thin air, provided all the right tools have been availed and there are simple instructions that can be followed. In fact, this is what happens for most sites that can be found on the World Wide Web.

However, this is not what you would expect from a high quality dating site such as, which promises to make your interracial dating experience as rich and as satisfying as this can be made to be. looks as if it has been designed and programmed by a prepubescent teenage boy or girl who has only just recently discovered the joys and wonders of coding.

It could also be that the people making did not want to waste a lot of money on building a site that would do nothing but rip people off. At this point, any rumor could very easily gain prominence.

In the end, the simplistic nature of shows that the owners and managers of are really not serious about their extraneous duties such as brand awareness and promotion.

If BlackWhiteFinder had invested in making sure that the design and feel of the site was as professional and authentic as possible, then they would be getting many more visitors than they currently are at the moment. This would lead to a positive vicious cycle where the good merits of the site would attract new users, and these new users would in turn contribute to the attractiveness of itself.

Signing up to create a user account is too easy for comfort on BlackWhiteFinder

While generally you would like to have a smooth ride when applying for a user account, it would not do you a lot of good in the end to have a process that is so simple that anyone on autopilot can have a profile set up and running in a couple of minutes.

This means that even software bots can create their own fake profiles, if only to boost the numbers of the site or to simply make life miserable for those who are interested in looking for long lasting love that comes from people who are not family (in the beginning anyway).

The questionnaire or form that you will be required to fill in order to become a member of BlackWhiteFinder is pretty standard, and you could fill it with one eye half closed (which is what I did). While that makes life a little bit easier, it also means that you will be dealing with a large pool of people who will not worry or care about what they do, for they will have little to no unique identifying characteristics.

This has negative consequences, as you could meet bullies online, as well as encounter people hiding behind fake profile accounts, all in a bid to reap where they did not sow or plant.

“Join for free” irony on BlackWhiteFinder

Most of the negative dating sites that you will encounter online will mostly start by offering you the chance to try out their service for free until a certain time period has passed, after which they will now have to start paying for the ‘good service’ that you are receiving.

I got a bit peeved when I realized that I had to be a paid member of in order to send at least one high quality message to one of the potential future mates that I had spotted. The only thing that you can do with a free membership is to view a few profile pictures of some select individuals.

There’s the option of sending these people a text full of emojis (or rather emoticons). However, the chances of such an operation falling by the wayside before even producing any meaningful results are very high. As such, as much as BlackWhiteFinder offers to find you that one person that you have been dreaming about for a long time now, you should probably take those words with a big pinch of salt.

There is really nothing on the surface of the earth that is safe from the saying: “there is nothing for free on earth”. The best dating sites will not offer you a completely free option but will be more likely to have a time period within which you can peruse the site and get acquainted with the rest of the community already using the site.

After sampling the goods, you can then decide if you need to use your credit card or not. This means that you will only buy what you have had a personal experience with. The same cannot be said for, which demands money upfront before you can so much as say hi to the woman who has been prominently displayed on your dating site timeline.

The problem of fake profiles on BlackWhiteFinder

Many dating sites on the internet have been dogged with the problem of fake profile accounts. In the early years of online dating, these fake profile accounts usually belonged to people planning to do something wrong or something mischievous.

However, as the online dating scene matured and as technology advanced at a dizzying pace, new developments strove to change the landscape forever. The introduction of automated software bots onto the dating scene meant that you could no longer be sure that you were talking to an actual human being or rather a machine or a piece of software code.

Many online dating sites also entered the fray and began making their own automated bots, so as to artificially improve their traffic and make it seem as their website was getting hits all the time. This would then come in handy when selling this ‘undervalued’ asset to some aspiring internet entrepreneur who has dreams of being the next Bill Gates of the internet world.

It is therefore not a surprise to find that has some interesting pictures that look like they were professionally done. This should stick out like a sore thumb as it is a sign that there are probably fake account users amongst your midst.

This is due to the fact that relatively few people take the trouble to get a professional photo shoot so as to impress the ladies or any other suitable object of attention that they might have. Not only is this option more expensive, but it also reeks of narcissism, which is not something that any well meaning potential suitor will want to entertain.

It therefore means that if you spot a website with majority of its users bearing or spotting a high proportion of professional photos, you could very well have entered the lion’s dens of fake account users.

Difficulty in finding someone who will actually want to go out with you

One of the yardsticks that can be used to measure the value of any online dating site is the ability of that site to fulfill the wishes and dreams of its most loyal customers. I loaded up a new credit card and paid for a membership plan for thirty days.

Afterwards, I sent the same message to many women on, just to see if there was anyone out there that would reply and maybe get someone to talk with and go out with. Out of all the women that I sent messages to, only six replied. I highly suspect that most of the six women who replied were actually bots working full-time to earn their supper.

No date materialized, thus further cementing my theory that BlackWhiteFinder is only a pretender to the throne. It is a dating scam that will not do you any good, other than to convince you of your need to live without money for a long time.

Lack of gender diversity on BlackWhiteFinder

It is also important to note that the lack of gender diversity on any dating site is a recipe for disaster. Having more men than women is a common occurrence on most dating sites, although in cases where the men outnumber women by more than a ratio of two to one is damning from the very beginning.

It means that the only people who are interacting with each other are men, and therefore the opportunities for conning each other multiply, since there are few females to strike up a conversation with.

Lack of transparency on BlackWhiteFinder


Redirecting to a different site other than BlackWhiteFinder is not something that should make you feel at ease, despite the fact that it has been posted that works hand in hand with Creating an account with means that the person who made that choice would rather stay on that domain address, instead of being shuttled to and fro for purposes of directing traffic from one site to another.

This is not an act of good faith and is essentially a form of kidnapping, as your attention is grabbed and made to focus on the website that the owners of the group of connected websites want you to focus. This could leave you exposed to different ads and different dangers, as your information would be shared between two different websites.

While this in and of itself is not an exclusive sign of dirty under dealing, it will definitely keep you on your toes and make you hesitant to invest any money in, as you will expect it to shut down with all your money at the earliest opportunity.

Verdict for BlackWhiteFinder

In conclusion, it would be wise to state that the site is not what it seems to be and the safest course of action would be to give the site a wide berth. It will not be appearing anywhere near our Top Interracial Dating Sites list.

Eschewing it for better run and managed dating sites will give you a lot of value for money spent. It will also ensure that you get a very good chance of scoring a date online, which is the whole purpose for having online dating sites in the first place.

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