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In our review we will see if BlackAndWhiteSingles is a top interracial dating site or total waste of time that you should avoid! If it turns out that BlackAndWhiteSingles is a solid site it may end up on our Best Interracial Dating Sites list.

Online dating is a minefield that has to be navigated very carefully by the people who are interested in throwing their hats into the ring. This is due to the fact that the internet is a vast jungle full of all manner of people. You might get the worst of humanity if you are not lucky.

However, if you play your cards right, you will definitely meet up with very nice people who will make your life happier than it is at the moment. This will only happen if you end up at the right dating site, and not a fake or sketchy one that will only fleece you of your hard earned money.

Is BlackAndWhite Singles Legitimate? Review

The good news for you is that we have reviewed the dating site This means that you will not have to wonder whether the site for black and white singles is safe or not. We have already done the work for you, and come up with a firm conviction as to the nature of

The following are the reasons that have made us believe that is fake, sketchy and is to be avoided at all costs: review - Is blackandwhitesingles legitimate - subheader

BlackAndWhiteSingles has few women

Another glaring fact that further serves to illustrate the sketchiness of is its pool of women available to date. Many of the profile pictures that you will encounter as you search for the right woman who will make your dreams come true are only available to members who have signed up for an account.

Signing up for an account at the black and white singles website is not enough for you to establish a connection, as you will only be able to send smileys and flirt emails. You will need to pay some money so that you can actually send the people whose profiles are hidden from view a real message.

It is also important to note that the selection of women pictures on the black and white singles site leaves much to be desired. Simply put, it is not a good selection that would encourage and motivate you to put money down in order to get to know the women behind the pictures.

Another sketchy fact is that the number of women profile pictures on the site far outnumbers the number of men, by two thousand (thirteen thousand women to eleven thousand men). This is an anomaly, for most dating sites have more men than women.

This leads us to suspect that there could be an artificial inflation of the number of women on the black and white singles site. This could be done by introducing artificial software programs, making it seem that there are many women on the site when in fact the reverse is true.

BlackAndWhiteSingles is too basic to be serious

One of the first things that will give you a clue as to the nature of a site such as is its home page. This is also known as the landing page. For the black and white singles website, the home page is simply too basic and rudimentary to qualify as a serious online dating site. This is the first sign of sketchiness.

It looks like someone with very limited experience in coding did the work of designing the website. It could also be that there was not enough money to finance the design of the website. However, at the bottom of the page of, you will find that this website has been up and running from 1999 to the present (2015).

If this is true, then it means that the black and white singles website has been up and running for little more than a decade. Surely this should be enough time for the owners of the website to get some money and put it into developing and improving on the design of the site.

As such, from the very beginning we are beset by two problems. The first one is that the black and white singles website looks too simple and basic for it to be authentic or serious. The second is that by dating the website as being active from 1999, one gets the feeling that this is an exaggeration.

The fact that the owners of have gone to such an extent means that they are probably very sketchy. It also means that we are likely to encounter further evidences of sketchiness as we go on.

BlackAndWhiteSingles’ use of stock photographs is sketchy

Looking at the home page again gives us more information than simply seeing the rudimentary black and white singles website. It also gives us more than suspecting that the website is probably sporting false information about its founding.

The only profile image that is on the home page of the website is of an interracial couple. While this is normally a good indicator as to the purpose of a black and white singles website, there are problems with this particular photo. At the very first glance, this looks to be a stock photograph that was probably picked from a stock photography website for free.

A stock photograph is a general photograph in which models have agreed to have their faces splashed all over the internet for whatever purpose. This means that the same image could be used for a website with a totally different agenda other than online dating.

If such an image were used for a trucking company with an online presence, this would not be a problem at all. In fact, it would be encouraged as bland websites such as trucking and moving company websites need some bit of glamour to excite their online visitors.

However, for a dating site like, what is needed is a genuine picture of a mixed couple on the home page. This would go a long way in enhancing the credibility of the site. It would also mean that the black and white singles website is serious about giving people realistic options for finding a date online.

It would not lie and dupe a person into believing that there is a chance of meeting someone who looks like a supermodel on a black and white singles website with a rudimentary look and feel.

This therefore means that the website owners either do not know what they are doing in the online dating field, or that they know exactly what they are doing. Let us explain. It could be that the owners and developers of do not understand that an online dating should have just the right mix of fantasy and reality.

Too much of either one of these would be venturing into the sketchy area of the World Wide Web. This is not something that a genuine website would want to be associated with. Seeing that this website claims to have been in operation since 1999, it is highly unlikely that they would not have known by now that there is a disadvantage to using stock photographs.

This leads us to the second conclusion which is that the black and white singles website is not in business to offer an authentic online dating experience. Instead, its main purpose is to fleece people out of their hard earned money by making them believe that is a genuine site. This would explain their use of stock photography, rudimentary home page and setting of unbelievable dates like 1999.

BlackAndWhiteSingles has a poor track record

The sketchiness of continued when we navigated to the successful matches’ area of the website. We were shocked to discover that the website had no known successful matches. Instead, it has a message boldly typed on that page, encouraging anyone who has used the site and got a success story to share it with them through an email address that they have conveniently posted on the same page.

This left us shocked and amazed. This is due to the fact that the black and white singles website claims to have been in operation since 1999. However, since that time till now (2015. More than ten years later), they have not managed to get even one success story to share on their website. This is very absurd and does not make sense at all. If you are to believe the official narrative of, you would also be very confused and perplexed.

An authentic online dating site which has been in operation for a long time would have certainly have more than a few success stories to share with the rest of the world. In fact, this is a perfect way to lure in many new visitors. When a new online visitor sees that people just like him were able to get the woman of their dreams, that online visitor will be more inclined to sign up for a paid account.

However, if the same online visitor were to visit a website such as and find no success stories on the site, they would be less inclined to sign up for a paid account. This beats the entire purpose of having a dating site. These anomalies would only make sense if the site is geared for something else, which is to make as much money as they can from you before moving on to the next target.

This is a poor strategy for a site that wants to exist and survive for a long time. However, it is the perfect strategy for people who are not worried about survival and only want to make a little money out of every online visitor before calling it quits. All this only serves to make us sure of the fact that the black and white singles website is very sketchy and most likely fake.

BlackAndWhiteSingles has few membership options

It is also important to note that is not a site for those who are not prepared to pay any money for a paid membership plan. There are two types of subscriptions on These are the standard membership subscription and the VIP membership subscription.

This would not normally raise any eyebrows at anyone browsing the internet and visiting many online dating sites. However, the fact that a standard membership subscription plan does not offer you much is very telling. The only thing that you can do as a standard member is to read any emails that will be sent to you if you are lucky enough.

You can also send and receive flirts and smiles. However, the rest of the features of the site can only be accessed by those who are willing to pay for using the site.

Some of the features that the black and white singles website claims to offer include: sending unlimited emails, video instant messaging and video conferencing. This would be all well and good if standard members could see what they were getting before putting any money down.

This is essentially what happens in most major online dating sites. What happens is that you are given a trial period, after which you can choose to either continue with the paid membership, or you can go back to being a free, standard member.
What is important to remember here is that there is an option for you to experience the full features of the site before you can pay for anything.

This option is not available on It means that you would have to pay first before getting any real action. This is a very sketchy option, as once you have released the funds from your credit card account there is no guarantee that you will get value for your money.

This setup would only make sense if there was an elaborate scheme to frustrate any free, standard member by offering them nothing. The scheme would be to frustrate online visitors into paying money so that they can get a chance to finally be able to date the women of their dreams.

However, the fact that there is no trial period on the black and white singles website means that you will probably not like what you will find at the end of the tunnel. You should therefore tread very carefully on this site.


In conclusion, we strongly advise you to try a more legitimate website than You can find a list of the best interracial dating sites around on our annual review here. That is the only way you will get value for your money.

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