About Heart Unbound

The Heart Unbound team is a collection of a dozen men and women who are passionate about encouraging love and relationships across all races and cultures. We have all had extensive experience with interracial dating and many of us are in long-term relationships or are married to partners of another race. The Heart Unbound team is composed of men and women of various ages, races, and geographic locations. Our wide variety of experiences allows for us to address a wide variety of areas with regards to interracial dating.

The Mission Of Heart Unbound

We wish to share our experiences with our readers to help them navigate the tricky aspects of interracial dating. There are few, if any, resources online dedicated to this subject and we are very excited to help out. Limiting your love life to men or women of your own race is a tragedy that we strive daily to avoid for our readers. We have experienced so much joy and love through our experiences with interracial dating that we can’t wait to help others find the same.